Minus 55 kg without starvation, hard dieting and disruption. I want to favorite sushi


Greetings! Here we are glad to all who want to lose weight.

No - diet on a cabbage-carrot, and hunger strikes!

Yes - delicious and satisfying weight loss!

All goodness and understanding.

Let's get acquainted! My name is Anja and in May 2018 I went on about proper nutrition and caloric deficit.
In his blog, I talk about how is my weight loss process with 132.2 kg (with the growth of 173 cm), sharing recipes and experiences.
As I was able to get rid of the moment55kg.

Today there will be a familiar story and a standard menu for the day.

Today I want to dedicate an article small pleasures.

Why do most of them believe that losing weight should be no joy, especially when it comes to food?

Why are those who, for whatever reasons known only to them, is overweight, is to suffer, to bully them, to lose weight. What is this deep-rooted stereotypes in people's minds?

May-September 2018- September-October 2019
May-September 2018- September-October 2019

I have long been only bring a smile of my discussion in terms of the menu: So you can not lose weight on this food does not get thin, you can not eat so much and lose weight - it vydumki..nu and so on.

Who's with me for a long time, for sure, all this reading.

And those who have already lost weight and at a calorie deficit, I hope with me laughs and lifts your spirits like comments.

But that's only one surprised, why people do not take new information for them? And solid as a curse - that you can lose weight only if the mouth is closed and is not.

Are you the kind of life you want? Would you like to see in you losing weight forever, evil and distracting everyone and everything the man who 100% breaks down on a diet and eats more overweight? And how many ills gets out after all these diets? According to the youth not to think about it, but then they haunt 100%.

I chose a different life. And thanks to me, that I cleared my brains out, stopped a bully diets and hunger strikes, and came to nutrition and calorie deficit, balance KBZHU.

For eighteen months, I realized that it is important not only to count calories, but also a break from it all.

Several times a month I allow myself to just relax, go to the cafe, regale favorite dishes.

And today was such a day.

And he did not correct in terms of nutrition.

But these days, I've had enough for all my weight loss period, and, as you can see, I am still losing weight and my result is visible to all.

My wanted yesterday herring under a fur coat. I myself, too, for the company has prepared its PP option without mayonnaise.

And I do not think of anything better than to eat a herring under a fur coat this morning.

Podchitala for you, that is such a platter of herring under a fur coat in the photo below, almost out 300 kcal - This 80 g of potatoes and carrots, 100 g of beet, 50 g of herring, 40 g sour cream 10% and almost mustard, but all of it, I do not mastered. Plus whole grain rye bread - 35 g - 95 kcal.

Well, the day we went to the cinema to watch a new part of the Terminator. I'm not a fan of these movies, but you can see.

After strolling through the mall - to show themselves, others looking, we decided not to go to the cafe and buy our favorite rolls and go home.

Like at home enjoy snacks and relax.

We arrived home around 15 o'clock terribly hungry (we had breakfast 8). Therefore, the photo was taken on the go, forgive, otherwise would have eaten me with rollami😂

Ate so that even dining nobody wanted, only drank tea. For tea, I took myself some dried mango (about 20 g).

Today the calories I do not think, but as I do not consider them in the days here so download today.

And tomorrow, again in operation. With renewed vigor and good humor.

I wish you an easy and delicious weight loss, good mood. Live life to the fullest, no matter what.

And fans of carrots let her gnaw on, we will not disturb them.


Today videoretsept chicken breast by fur - easy to prepare, but very tasty.
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Recipe favorite of many cheese casserole with apple and cinnamon you will find here.
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✅I most important. For those who are just taking its first steps on the way of losing weight and learning to count calories I collected basic information - here.

But straight from the tin and a photo of the theater)
But straight from the tin and a photo of the theater)
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What to eat to lose weight? Sharing menu, which I lost almost 50 kg.
What to eat to lose weight? Sharing menu, which I lost almost 50 kg.

Greetings to all dieters!For those who first came to my home page.Let's get acquainted! My name i...