What to eat to lose weight? Sharing menu, which I lost almost 50 kg.


Greetings to all dieters!

For those who first came to my home page.
Let's get acquainted! My name is Anja and in May 2018 I went on about proper nutrition and caloric deficit.
In his blog, I talk about how is my weight loss process with 132.2 kg (with the growth of 173 cm), sharing recipes and experiences.
As I was able to get rid of the moment49.5 kg.

Finally Friday! Happy for her husband, he begins a vacation. And with my schedule and work at home, I leave myself to arrangeat almost any time. Here the weather was only warmer ..

Let's not talk about sad things budem..pereydu menu.

For breakfast I had scrambled eggs from two eggs, buckwheat bread (10 g) with fish paste (35 g) and a few cherry tomatoes. Vitamins and omega-3 I drink during breakfast. And always - green tea with jasmine.

breakfast on 370 kcal.

Before the weekend have to buy food and cook the chicken broth, so as not to bother with the extra cooking. Therefore, in the morning - in the store.

Bought at a sample of seasonal plum. In appearance it does not seem attractive, greenish, and the taste - wonderful.

And I eat a snack on cream (160 g), and then take away green jasmine tea and a slice of chocolate 75% (15 g) with the computer to finish the job and not return to it at the weekend.

Snack - 150 kcal.

For lunch cooked in the broth of chicken leg and separate decoction pasta durum wheat. A couple of days, you can not think about what to cook for lunch - warmed up the soup, add the vermishelku (which lies in the hotel, and the container does not swell in the broth all night) and you are full and satisfied!

Lunch - 350 g chicken broth, 70 g cooked pasta and 50 g of chicken meat. A few thin rye breads to soups (10 g).

lunch turned 350 kcal.

A dinner mnya chicken breast, baked in foil (200 g) and vegetable salad of tomato, cucumber, pepper (total 200 g vegetables) filled with sunflower oil.

Dinner came to 330 kcal.

I ate about 50 grams of prunes even during the day - 110 kcal.

Today, in the evening a lot of cooking and more for the family. But some have snacks, eat and losing weight for us. So wait retseptiki soon. And I'm waiting for tomorrow morning to eat vkusnyuschuyu mini cheese pizza!

For today, I got 1310 kcal.

Be sure to drink water every day:

  • in the morning on empty stomach a glass,
  • before each reception glass of food (about 15 minutes),
  • and during the day for a little -chut.
  • plus green tea without sugar and any additives.
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What to eat to lose weight? Sharing menu, which I lost almost 50 kg.
What to eat to lose weight? Sharing menu, which I lost almost 50 kg.

Greetings to all dieters!For those who first came to my home page.Let's get acquainted! My name i...