Beef and potatoes in the oven bank. Meat as a stew, you will want to repeat it


Hello! Today we have for dinner beef stew with potatoes in the oven, cooked in a three-liter glass jar... On my channel already has a similar recipe, but there goes the chicken... And I'm always only chicken, turkey a couple of times! But in one of the comments (at last recipe cooking) said that in this way you can prepare and pork, beef, lamb. And here is my first experience of cooking in the pot of beef. I, for some reason, until recently thought that the potato seethe, and the meat will be harsh - I was wrong! The meat turns tender to such an extent - from both banks of stew!

And, it is about cookware... The last time I was told that you need to take utyatnitsu or pots... I have two proved, one of them very small volume, and the second is not suitable for oven, utyatnitsu not, and there are only 2 pots (but this is very small for our family). A volume of three-liter jar is perfect - we have enough for dinner and lunch (... and me and my husband have to take with him lunch to work), and no worse than any other utensils. And, in my opinion, the taste of a dish from the can get some other ...

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Ingredients for cooking dishes:

700 grams of beef - with fat or not, it's up to you
Sufficiently large onions
2 carrots
A few cloves of garlic - are guided by your own taste, someone grabs 2 cloves of someone and 5 little ...
Potatoes - it took me 10 secondary tubers, if not enough, you can always add
Tablespoon tomato paste
Russian teaspoon mustard
Salt, ground black pepper
50-60 grams of butter

Take beef - I lean, with no fat, but it is better to take a small amount of Zhirkov. And, cut into small pieces, if the cut is large - be prepared for a long time!

Add the finely chopped onion and garlic, it is best to scroll through a meat grinder or grate to form a juice.

Put the tomato paste, mustard, salt, black pepper and mix thoroughly shaking hands. Now go to the vegetables and a bowl of meat reserve to one side to make it a little pickle.

Potatoes and carrots to clean. Potatoes cut into cubes, carrots can be cut into cubes, too, but much smaller potatoes or slices, polukruzhochkami, straws ...

And it can all lay in a jar. Bank have to be clean and dry, The first layer put the marinated meat, followed by laying the potatoes, then carrots. And thus fill the jar completely.

When the bank is fully filled, the top should be laid somewhere 50 grams of butter and do cover foil. All... Put the jar with potatoes and beef in Cold!!! oven, Turn by 160 degrees, 10 minutes and we add 180 to prepare 2-2.5 hours.

I have to cook it took 2.5 hours. But the bank did not immediately from the oven We reach, and do not open the oven somewhere else for 15 minutes. Then pull out and not lay stirring in any dish, sprinkle with herbs and serve... Very tasty, can someone so have long been doing, but this is my first experience!

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