It is not for the poor, "show-off" and the savings on food


The restaurant "KOKOKU" Matilda Corded you feed sandpaper with pork shank: chef it collects, vacuums and keeps in the freezer. And then - defrosts, cooks, cleans the fat and veins, dry... Dry skin is sent to deep-fried, turning into a delicious dish. It is served with a cream of artichoke and dill mayonnaise.

Chips leather cod and chips of potato peelings there is prepared in much the same. Unlike small: leather cod chips fed into the set of authors and chips of potato peelings - added to the mashed potatoes.

How do you like these ideas?

I stumbled upon them in the publication of non-waste production on a portal ┬źFoodService┬╗ and, I confess, has come to a complete delight. Ideas out there can be found a lot of - from turning green stems of leeks in the soot to flavor to the recipe custard to bloody some water remaining after defrosting meat delicacy.

But the most interesting, nobody, I think, of snobs would not dream of such ingredients called "nischebrodskimi" - because of their dishes are neither more nor less, and to the author's kitchen!

Sometimes I reflect on what they say is correct - is the type of people who have small opportunities to stupor and Ponto - above the roof. And these people even try the food "pontovatsya" without measure, considering saving something like humiliation of their human dignity.

I remember I once wrote that he did not hesitate to buy soup sets for cooking broth. So how much "fu" in his address heard - downright not counted. The impression that all citizens have boiled soups exclusively on boneless flesh, and the most expensive.

Then shrugged, perhaps people, if so. After all, without good bones, sorry, sorry, good soup does not cook. I did not come up with it. No wonder the French gentlemen, recognized by gourmets for bone broths take, and pre-bake them and even - to the taste was intense.

A time chefs and French can be, then... let's talk about ways to save those that will not spoil the dish and keep the purse.

Never hesitate to specify in the presence of meat and bone scraps.

Demiglyas sauce, for example, without them cook. And besides demiglyasa many dishes involve the use of just such "off-grade product."

Embarrassed to buy trim? Come on! Mince the same people are not ashamed to buy. An open secret - there, in the stuffing, the same crop. Only the price for some reason above... By the way, for this reason, pruning you can hardly find. At least everyone I know who buys and trimmings (initially for animals) agree in advance with the sellers that they "leave".

Recipe French delicacy of the bones and trimmings - here

Freeze! Not the original product - meat and bones and broth

A couple of times saw poured "extra" meat, chicken or fish broth. Like, I cooked too much, soup and half enough.

What for? It should pour it into a plastic bottle (if you have a large freezer) or dense packages (if small, put in packages easier). I always cook the broth at the same time as carve meat, chicken or fish. The broth is everything - seeds and cuttings, then it is filtered and is always available for the semi-finished soup. It saves time and money.

Recipes simple and inexpensive soup, which is useful broth - here

Remains - sweet

Prepare one pike and gefilte fish, soup with meatballs, both of which are full-fledged meals - is quite real. Pike gave way, for example. In fact, it could be a pike, and chicken, and a piece of meat. Just with chicken or meat in most cases should be handled carefully. But with fish - unless it is the red fish or sturgeon - no.

After flattening fish fillets and remains the backbone of the head, and in them - and fat, and meat.

An example of what can be made from the core of pike - here

By the way, economical aristocrats in Victorian England, for example, did not disdain to make sure that as a servant uses products. In one of the guidelines for dispensation for the ladies of that time I saw the exhortation: never throw away the bones from the meat zapechnogo. They will be an excellent basis for the soup... Something like that, yes.

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Verashchaka. Belarusian dish that cooks my mother-in-law: always eaten first, and consumers require supplements

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Soup with meatballs schuchimi

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