How to choose a restaurant in Asia and do not settle in the toilet


- You're a lucky man! - resents a good friend who was the first thing on arrival in the hot Asian country, met with the toilet. Well, all voyazhnoe time, actively uses adsorbents hoping it will be possible to expand the habitat of little more than being always in sight bathroom.

Okay, okay, there's a little embellished - on medications and following a rigid diet he sometimes manages to swim or to see the sights.

Another lady colleague on the keyboard, so to speak, does not carry steeper. With immunity "very thoroughbred cat", in her own words, ie sneezing from what forecasters predict the cold snap in hot countries it is powered exclusively in the hotel restaurant only European dishes and trying not to crawl outside "Civilization". Authentic Thai or Vietnamese cuisine threatens her holiday spent on the floor of the bathroom - because crawl out forces will not. Here, the case is likely to immunity - because it is the only one of all the friends who have managed in one of the trips start in the hand is very nice Dirofilaria (not google that kind of stuff, lose your appetite).

If such problems with the body you have not, you can have peace in Asia. Not all, of course - was a stinking products do not advise. But almost all. a couple of simple conditions is worth respected.

1. Always eat rice - its no wonder Asians eat themselves literally everything. Rice - a good absorbent, and he rescues from gastrointestinal disorders (if they are not too heavy). With severe poisoning, of course, not the right, but eat the local food will be able to calmly.

2. Carefully choose the place where you are going to eat.

Hotel restaurants and other places, revealing oriented Europeans - not a guarantee of protection for your body. Asia - it's all very strange place, if you see a veneer of cleanliness and hygiene, it is necessary to begin to doubt.

Here I say strange - if you focus on your own disgust, then most likely, and will remain hungry. So a little bit lower the bar still have.

A large number of local people in the restaurant - also a record. In Vietnam, working, yes.

Because eat at a local cafe will cost 25-30 thousand dong and it's our money less than a hundred rubles. Because almost do not prepare too many homes. A cafe in the same go for years, because their owners think much of quality.

His most reliable way - for guests to watch. On any site with travel reviews.

Yes, I - Captain Obvious. Just see if the reviews, written by normal Russian language, not translated by an automatic translator, in which people talk - ate delicious was not poisoned - go and do not worry.

We have the Internet age, many travelers calmly write reviews of the places visited by. My wife is exactly what we do. A sort of small, not standing mutual anything.

And, you know, choose restaurants by the reviews - this policy we still never failed (in the sense of health). It was tasteless at times. But the taste - it is the case, it is known to all the markers are different ...

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