I tried 31 types of stew. Only five "to fit to eating"


Stew - a popular product. I remember that during my childhood conservative "Breakfast tourist" appeared to me divine. It was a lot of delicious jellies, and more - meat! Aromatic, with salad.

It can be, and so it is, cold and heat, and add to the soup or porridge, put the potatoes with it... However, usually stewed beef or pork, too, was good. And the chicken in its own juice with a bang was because he had a taste of chicken, as befits a product of that same chicken made.

Stew in those days was not so common. Bought it's not often in our family has always preferred meat. However, a few cans always had in reserve - just in case you need to cook and too lazy or do not have time to mess around with the meat.

Now stew WHO shelves and a small truck. All names and brands not listed. Price it attracts - if you count, some banks are cheaper meat (not taking into account the retail and the wholesale prices it), that I was very surprised. However, if you look at the composition, it affects the abundance of all sorts of different words to meat ratio without. And it seems to me, such a product can not be called "corned beef", it is necessary to write in large letters "ersatz".

However, manufacturers and conscience sometimes concepts are not compatible.

The other day participated in a blind tasting thirty-one brand of corned beef. In fact, I tried all kinds of products, which are presented only on the shelves of Moscow. I think, somewhere, of course, remain outside the brand - but to cover and do not succeed, you can burst. And to lose health.

As the wine was not professional, we all shared the stew into three categories: excellent, good, sucks. It was carried out carefully - evaluated the appearance, taste and smell. Stew itself was laid out on the plates and numbered - to impartiality, so to speak, to provide.

I know some may be subjected to questioning the results - they say that it is necessary to evaluate samples of the same price category. But here I will object - the product should be good regardless of price. You can not make shit!

Some samples of corned beef, by the way, smelled worse than an animal feed - by the way I've been at the plant for its production, and even discourage chew, and so - the food is better, it just did not have enough salt.

They looked, too, worse than an animal feed.

And the taste, as I said, differed for the worse. And the worst thing was masked by the huge amount of salt and another of something incomprehensible.

Samples were middling

But those who have received the highest rating. And the taste and the smell of rose to the occasion.

So what's in store, you can navigate!

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