Favorite treat (and not only mine) "hungry" of the Soviet childhood


In my "hungry" Soviet childhood, when, according to some commentators, chocolate cut into several parts (and then, not to eat, and smell), one of the favorite treats me, and my friends were not even a heap of these sweets, and... glazed curds.

Not to say that it would be an everyday product. Rather, he belonged to the category of the periodical - has in store, take it. No - well, to nothing, and the court is not.

Cheese mysteriously vanished (along with all other products) in the period of the collapse of the state and for many years I thought of them periodically recalled (sadly, yes, because good things always remembered with sadly).

Then a miracle happened. Whether the economy is starting to recover, or production, and glazed cheese filled shops - dozens if not hundreds of species are now produced and sold every day across the country.

Honestly - there can be few. In Moscow, I selected the family only a few brands. However, recently one of them there are more claims have recently read that there have found microorganisms (yeast like), that is, there are violations of the process.

Many other brands of the same is not desirable, and not because the production of dirty or something else. No, I believe that the quality (or what is considered quality) and very controlled manufacturing process. Just taste - muck.

Taste also depends primarily on what raw materials the company uses. Natural cheese or cheese product. Butter or margarine. Cocoa or do not understand that. What is hidden under the code phrase "do not understand that" personally I do not even want to know.

And so I think that the best way to prepare iced cheese at home. According to the recipe, preserved since "hungry Soviet times."

We need:

  • Good curd - 700 g
  • Cream - (35 percent fat) - 50 g or 2 tbsp. l. this fat sour cream
  • Butter (not spread) - 50 g
  • Powdered sugar - 100 grams (but if you have a sweet tooth, then more can be).

Previously curds several times twisted in a meat grinder, Now try it in a blender, add all the other ingredients. Beat for a long time, so that there were no grains, and the mass was lush air.

Make sure that it does not become a vein, if you suddenly feel that the mass turned out thinner than you need, put in the freezer, but do not rush to add vorog. If the freezer and does not help, then add a little bit.

When the mass is ready, roll out of her balls, put them on a plate and send in the freezer.

We begin to cook the icing. Some of it was made of chocolate bars, you can do so now - Melt the chocolate by adding a couple of tablespoons of butter to glaze is not so hardened quickly.

But dearer to me home, even though she is not like the commercial.

For the glaze, take:

  • Cocoa powder - 4 hours. l
  • Sugar or powdered sugar - 0.5 cups
  • Milk - 6 teaspoons
  • Soft butter - 50 g

All the dry ingredients are blended, add milk, to avoid lumps, and begin to heat up to a minimum the fire, as long as all the powders have dissolved, and she glaze begins to boil. It is best to all the heating time whisking gently whisk mass. As soon began to seethe, enter the butter and continue whisking.

All the oil had dissolved only pull out of the freezer and cheese... just pour all their glaze. Give cool ship for half an hour back in the freezer, and then - bon appetit!

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