Two recipes delicious carrot cakes and life hacking, how to make a cake in the oven does not burn


Yesterday was about beets, today - about carrots. A than carrots worse? It has long been her way, ate? Grated carrot, carrot with garlic mayonnaise and yes carrot in Korean - perhaps that's all uses for this tasty and healthy roots, more or less common in our time.

But the carrot - it's not just a dietary garbage, which is chewed yellowed from depression and diet patterns! Carrot is also... delicious.

To begin with, it is prepared with carrot... desserts.

Cookies with carrot

The recipe is simple as ABC: a couple of glasses of flour, egg, one hundred grams of margarine for baking, a couple of carrots, a glass or three-quarters cup sugar, vanilla, vanilla extract or vanilla essence to flavor - well, there's there is.

The oil was triturated with sugar than the thread of vanilla and eggs, add to the flour, grated on a fine grater and just squeezed carrot and knead the dough. Put on half an hour in the refrigerator, then formuete balls, flatten them on the patty and send it in the oven at 200 degrees for twenty minutes.

Top you can sprinkle crack nuts or sesame seeds, well, for those who like sweeter - powder then, after baking, icing sugar or cover with glaze. But I'm usually too lazy to bother so - cookies, and so at odds with a bang.

Cake with carrot

If you dislike cookies, there is a wonderful cake recipe with carrots. He is also very simple.

Two hundred milliliters of yogurt (not flavored and plain), we beat a couple of eggs and 100 grams of sugar. Sugar can take a little more, but get too sweet (as for my taste). Add to this a lot of grated Morkovin (large, but the juice out of it is to be pressed) Fifty grams of vegetable oil, and are now beginning to drive the flour sifted with baking powder.

Amount of flour will depend on how juicy you have carrots. On average, the dough can "eat" about three hundred grams - it should not be too thick.

Pour into a mold and send baked - the oven temperature of about 160 degrees to be, because the pastries here a long process.

Well, if before baking you wrap the several layers of old newspapers. I spied this way when trying to figure out what the secret is very dense English pies dried fruit - those that are being baked sometimes for many hours, but then kept almost years.

By necessity they are extracted (now out of the freezer), re-adhesive qualities marzipan and serving guests. I read probably a story that the wedding cake English princes (those older) fed to the tea party a couple of years after their wedding? I think the base was just out of this test.

It is responsible for the safety, of course, also the alcohol impregnation (cognac or sherry, for example), but the fact that the cakes are baked for many hours and not burn, surprised me. So, the secret is simple - a plurality of layers of old newspapers (or paper) to the outside of the mold. And newspapers should exceed the height of the form! They can be further sprinkle water, actually.

Well, you dare to try? If yes - bon appetit!

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