Three salad "Yum" in haste


Salad - one of the most fast foods, and from the category teh.kotorye virtually impossible to mess up - unless, of course, does not set itself the goal specifically. What could be easier than to cut a few ingredients, and then fill their sauce?

I think - just buy a strange semi-finished products.

But here's the trick - people usually refer to salads as a "holiday" eating. The exception, perhaps is only a year old - cucumber-tomato with various additives.

Maybe to blame tradition basins and troughs Olivier and herring under a fur coat. And, perhaps, the fact that there are many salad recipes, but from memory they usually disappear.

So today - three good recipe "in haste"

Salad with beans and crab sticks

Yes, beans and crab sticks. I'm not thrilled with surimi, you never know what kind of stuff used in the production, but... Teshoo hopefully, if we take a more or less decent brand, then, can there really be a fish, and not just the substitute?

So, take:

Baku beans in their own juice, 2-3 boiled eggs, a packet of crab sticks, sour cream, salt and herbs - to taste.

The liquid from the beans merge, eggs and sticks cut, dressed with sour cream, salt, sprinkle with herbs - voila! Hearty and very tasty. This salad can be a meal in a hurry, and dinner. Well, in general - I recommend.

Salad with tomato and cheese


1 fresh tomato, 100 gr. white crackers, processed cheese, herbs, garlic and sour cream or mayonnaise

All cut, three cheese, garlic, we press, dressed, salt, flavor. Voila! As needed, you can not add the garlic, and then get a dish hearty and very dangerous both for you and for others. It is going to bachelor breakfast.

Salad liver pickles

They say this salad - a legend. I do not know, I do not actually cook it is not often, because I do not like liver. But sometimes, after all, it is necessary - because it sits to drive a childhood conviction that it is necessary to have a liver (blood is good).


400 g beef liver; a couple of tablespoons of flour, a couple of tablespoons of butter, onion, carrots (one), a couple of pickles, salt, pepper and mayonnaise to taste.

Liver chopped, rolled in flour and fry in butter, give cool. Three carrots, onions cut into half rings, fry. We give cool. Then we mix it all with pickled cucumbers (sliced), salt -perchim, dressed and - voila, dinner is served.

Bon Appetit!

Festive side dish of potatoes
Festive side dish of potatoes

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