Secrets hot sandwiches in a microwave oven


Hot sandwich - it is still a full breakfast, we believe (well, almost all). However, nutritionists with this statement do not agree, but when in a hurry to work, no, it is a hot sandwich seems not so dangerous suhomyatku.

Especially that build it - a couple of minutes, in fact. It is only necessary to collect himself a sandwich and shove it in the microwave. Here are just a paradox - not always hot sandwich is tasty, and sometimes it becomes very strange.... even wet inside rubber outside... Well, the real stuff!

Why is that?

Blame microwaves. They themselves do not hot. That is warmed product is not from the outside, but from within. Due to himself, I'm in this sense. And a very interesting way: building a dipole molecules strictly along the field lines of force, "plus" to one side, "minus" to the other. It should change the direction of the field is reversed, the molecules immediately turned around 180 degrees. A sort of crazy dance.

This is the field of creating a microwave, and given the frequency, the molecules change direction constantly, while they warmed up well, and... well, we get hot (or cooked) meals.

That's because of this molecular cancan and turns do not get that. if you do not follow the simple rules.

1. For sandwiches, use yesterday's bread. Or even the day before yesterday. There is less water because it will warm uniformly. By the way, it will become softer (here's the paradox, is not it?)

2. Slices of bread should not do too thin or too thick. Optimally - centimeter maximum of one and a half.

3. Sausage, meat and other fillers do not have to cut into thick slices - will warm up bad! They are dense (denser than bread) and because heat will be uneven. It is better to make a few thin slices and place on top of each other rather than one thick one.

4. Cheese, if you overexpose in the microwave will dry rubber. And everything is simple - dipole molecules (in the liquid) will dance and even run away from it. Therefore it is better not to hold the sandwich in the oven for a long time.

5. By the way, the moisture runs and bread. Noticed the sweat on a plate for a sandwich? And so, that it was not that bread is not "vlazhnel", beneath the napkin sandwich.

6. There is still some life hacking: overclocked molecules so fast do not stop (probably). Because heat is enough short - just leave a sandwich for a couple of minutes of peace to stand off the stove.

Bon Appetit!

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