Recipes for garlic arrows: pickle, brew, roast


I noticed that many of the beds garlic has already given them... What is it? Arrows! Garlic arrows - juicy. Crisp, green, with seed pods at the end. Frankly speaking - only in adult life, learned about their edibility, so even accidentally.

- Come on, our, near Moscow, "garlic" Try it! - he offered me a happy grandpa in the village.

I watched in amazement at the bank, there is something that can be stored on wild garlic a little similar. Everything else was plagued by vague doubts - from wild garlic in the suburbs?

A casket just opened - he called wild garlic Pickled garlic arrows. I will not say that it is the food of the gods, but in ohotku, sharp little, are wonderful. Especially, do not have time to become boring - after all raw materials for the blanks are not too many.

If you are lucky enough garlic beds, write down recipes (and not only the marinade).

Doing time - pickle!

• 600 ml of filtered water;

• 60 mL of vinegar (9%);

• 20 g of crystalline sugar;

• 20 g of sodium chloride;

• 10 peas black pepper;

• 4 medium laurel leaf.

Arrows clean-my - cut, laid in banks, pour boiling brine from all the above ingredients. Since a long marinade, better, of course sterilized jars and lids to roll ...

We do two - Kvass!

Kwasi garlic arrows come up with those who do not like vinegar. As always - my, cut, sent to the bank, but the brine bodyazhim in cold water and then fill and leave for pickling. The process of fermentation - long, so all this time, watching, pouring marinade escaped back. These are the complexity (the banks put on a plate!).

Once pickling stop, merge the brine, boil it, back fill, sealed ...

We make three - diner paste

Take the arrows, salt and butter to taste. Yes, forced through the blender, we obtain an analogue of Russian "Pesto" sauce himself ridiculous to write about it (pesto - a pesto, garlic paste - paste it), but look similar.

Another arrow fry. Just cut and fried. It can be fried in sour cream, and can be extinguished with vegetables.

The main thing - to choose the arrow is not over-mature (they become tough during cooking) and the young. Such boll where a horse does not exceed the thickness itself arrow.

PS. remembered something - a child, we tore the bow arrows, and no... were outrageous, wrong sweet. We indulged in this way?

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