Salad of squid with vegetables: a full dinner


Summer - the time of salads. During the day, and even in the heat, they are excellent - and cool, and even better - almost icy. You, by the way, you know that a salad can be submitted in a bowl of ice, and it's not only beautiful, but also practical - does not heat a dish for a long time?

However, only in the cold not last long. Paradoxically, even in the heat of the body requires food - if not piping hot, but at least lukewarm. We noticed it?

I, by the way, these requirements of the body began to pay attention only to the age. In his youth, but -That seemed to iron stomach, nails digest if that, and the best food in the summer - ice cream. Now sometimes the soup like heat, light, broth on a little idea, for example. Or even some of the same polzitelno buns (in sense - delicious).

This is the case - when not climb the mountain and warm - at the time, I have a couple of proven recipes. Such as the salad (wife appreciated, by the way).


• Squid

• Zucchini (courgette)

• Cherry tomatoes

• Sulguni cheese

• Red pepper

• Garlic

• Parsley

• Lemon

• Salt and pepper

The hardest part - to buy good kalmarchika. On fresh - in the sense that it is not frozen - do not count. Because you just have to choose a good frozen.

At home, we will leave it to thaw naturally, first in the refrigerator (not the freezer, of course), and then come at room temperature. Do not defrost the squid in the water! Here I do not know why, but the taste of it in reptiles seaports. And do not try to cook frozen - say, in a frying pan or saucepan reach. He is against such treatment even rubber becomes.

Thawed squid wash out, clear of films and dry towel Sprinkle with lemon. Done? Then towards him! Let the waiting queue.

While squid infused, prepare salad dressing. Chop the parsley, garlic press down, and a couple of tomatoes -cherri bare the peel and let down to the herbs and garlic. Add lemon juice, then vzobem blender. Why garlic is crushed? I do not understand, but so let it be. Not zadolbala chef - not cook!

The first to go on the grill zucchini and peppers

And then they took the squid. Cooking should not be more than three minutes. Otherwise - the protein in the meat of the marine reptile would be very tough,

Zagrilili? Then on his plate, on top of the vegetables, dressing and grated suluguni.

Bon Appetit

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