Noodles in Asian style


At first I wanted to fasten the mask of the great chefs and in the first lines of the report - the recipe - a figment of my imagination, morning love affair with the experience. Thanks to the knowledge and the ability to combine incongruous (and not too incongruous) - Born This flavor chord, claims to be the whole of the play.

But then I thought - I'm honest, yes. And because I say something like that is prepared in different variations in almost every Asian country. Changing only the fillers, such as poultry, beef or shrimp.

Generally, this noodle (at least in our house) became remarkable even without being prepared. Because the main architect of its declared himself a son. He refused to eat gazpacho patriotic, saying that such food - not on his stomach and not to his taste (of hash also refused, so patriotism immediately limped on both legs). But to soften the refusal (or shlopotat) added - = very prigotvlyu you dinner. So much so that fingers will lick!

Looking ahead to say that all of the cooking process, he participated in cutting onions and stirring birds in a wok. The rest is done Dad. Well, God be with him, it happens.

Anyway, enough of the lyrics. take:

• Chicken fillet 2 pieces

• spaghetti or noodles (then try to trim those varieties that you like)

• Ginger root (1cm)

• Teriyaki Sauce (can be soy and honey)

• Tomato paste 2 tablespoons. l

• Onion 1 pc

• Garlic 3 tooth

• Sesame oil

Cut onion half rings, garlic smaller, ginger and cut into small strips. Fried in sesame oil.

Adds chicken, diced to 1 cm.

Now season with all our beauty teriyaki sauce and tomato paste.

A spaghetti boil and add to the poultry meat with sauce.

Mix thoroughly. At this point you can add a little sesame oil to taste. Oh, and if desired, a little cilantro will not be superfluous to harmony

Bon Appetit!

PS. Son, by the way, I liked it. For Asian cuisine it applies better than the Spanish. Oh, and he himself (or almost alone) is ready ...

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