Easter eggs: how to cook without cracking and paint without problems


They say that in the main cooking eggs - chicken. Because if the chicken will lay an egg shell with irregular, thin and fragile, you're over it though the dance of the Siberian shaman splyashem, still it will crack during cooking.

If the hen pecked environmentally friendly worms, overeat chalk whitewash from the wall of the hen house, washed down with all the well water and zapolirovyvala - grass and other grains, this chicken was a happy chicken, carrying a happy and strong eggs.

On poultry farms do not have happy hens. There are supplements and everything else (for the strength of the shell including, say). Supplements do not like chickens. They sense a longing for worms and grass. Eggs obtained miserable. Because during cooking crack, and we - the chef is sad. Something like this.

To eggs are not cracked, there are a few tricks. I know about them all (well, probably), but I'll stay captain obviousness and recall.

The trick again:

let the balls to warm to room temperature.

Trick two:

eggs are not pasta. Macaroni fall asleep in the boiling water, and eggs should be put into cold water

The trick three:

pan should be just big, but huge. Eggs should lie in it in a single layer. It does not fit? It is better to cook in two passes.

The trick four:

salt water. Cool salt water. It can be a few tablespoons of salt to three liters of water to add. They say in salt water does not spread protein, if the egg will crack. But I noticed that they burst in less salty water.

Why - do not ask. I do not remember in what year of school sciences study the density of liquids.

Now about the painting. Eggs. Beautiful. Painting eggs in every home should be the main wife. Women have a sense of beauty. We, the men, it is almost unnecessary. Is that when searching for a wife.

Women know how many different ways to paint the nails. These skills are well used on the eggs. At least I have not noticed a difference in the technique of drawing "Ombre" on nails and eggs. Taken already bright Krashenki, taken a sponge, dipped in dark dye and light movements dark coloring stretched Krashenki light.

even easier make eggs marble. Take, again, the light Krashenki, and add a few drops of oil into a dark dye. And clap to light an egg! The output is a marble.

The hardest part - drawings. For them, have stencils, and then accurately enough patience only a woman. impose, gently nakrashivaet... Oh, manyachestvo.

But if there is in the house of a woman, the eggs are obtained beautiful.

PS. We did not notice that there is in preparation for Easter, and it is something magically baby? Time when an adult can again to stay a child - the same egg decorating?

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