Chicken drumsticks with cream sauce


If time is short, and I want to cook something tasty and different - write down the recipe!


You've probably already noticed that the main role in my meat dishes play a bird or beef and mutton. Pork, we almost do not eat. I do not for religious ethical reasons, but simply - do not like.

Pork meat is excellent, who would argue, but is it something sort of... What is not clear nor spices, nor the proper treatment. Smell. animal smell and taste. The bad news is that when you purchase it is often not determined (do not give me a hot knife to poke a piece of meat), and But when you start to cook - the smell spreads throughout the apartment, and the taste - the port is ready dish. They say that such an incident happens, if the hog - not castrated, and the pig has reached the age at which it's time to multiply.

Similarly, I do not know, I will not argue. Just I prefer not to risk it.

And recently I loved to cook it in a cauldron. Whether heating it happens otherwise, when it seemed necessary in the oven, or something else... But the food it produced surprisingly fragrant. Plus they - very hearty and can be made useful.

But finish with prehistory, present to you the chicken legs in a creamy sauce.


• chicken drumsticks 8 pcs

• Bulb 2pcs

• Garlic 3 cloves

• cream (can substitute sour cream)

• Flour

• Fresh Thyme

• Basil, Paprika

Shin fried to impart a golden color (and so will be better taste) are set aside

Fry the onion and garlic until soft

Shin laid in a large kettle, top onion, garlic, pour sauce from a mixture of cream, flour, spices and hot water with salt.

Ship kettle in the oven at 190 degrees for 40 minutes, then lowered to 160 and hold for 15 minutes

I sincerely advise you to buy a soft lavashik because of dipping it in a creamy sauce and devour together with the lower legs - well, just a song!

Bon appetit, by the way!

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