Chicken Szechuan. kung pao chicken tszidin


How to feed the chicken family, that says you take away the bird with our eyes away, another piece, and we will soon do Zuko-Ko-Ko-Kai! It's simple - it is necessary to cook them chicken, and call it "Gerard Gumbau".

In fact, I did not come up with the name (like a recipe). Gerard Gumbau chicken - the creation of an ancient, extant since the days of the Qing Dynasty. There was one officer who was brought up by an heir, this position was called Gerard Gumbau. Official that loved to eat - tasty and satisfying, invented the recipe for chicken, which was called "chicken Gerard Gumbau". Well, something like that, in a nutshell.

This officer whether to becoming a tutor heir, whether held after some high office in Sichuan province, because the dish has an urgency and poignancy inherent in this kitchen region.

Frankly - I never have been to Sichuan. This is undoubtedly a very interesting Chinese province is familiar to me only based on the play "The Good Person of Szechwan", but that's about the culinary specialties there, in my opinion, there was nothing. Because whether in chicken Gerard Gumbau embodied Sichuan tradition or not, I will not argue.

I will say one thing - it's delicious.

So, take:

• Chicken meat is 800 grams. Better take fillets thighs.

• Pepper, red or yellow

• Ginger 2-3 cm

• Chili 2-3 pc

• Peanuts 100g

• Sesame oil

• Soy sauce

• Vinegar

Chinese - even those perverts, because sadly sigh and start to work. Chicken cut into pieces of approximately two centimeters, and send it to marinate. For the marinade take soy sauce - 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar and wine - also 2-3 tablespoons. If you like meat with a pronounced sweet taste, you can marinate in teriyaki sauce, or in this mixture, add a spoonful of honey.

Pickled? We are waiting for an hour. I say that the Chinese - even those jokers?

When the hour is almost come to an end, we return to the kitchen and start watching and vegetables.

Pepper and ginger in the straw creatively transform

Chile cut into circles and fry for a few minutes in butter, so he gave fragrance.

When the peppery aroma float through the kitchen to the chili pepper and ginger ship. They should be a little - three minutes - maximum. To readiness should not bring today.

Remove the vegetables from the pan, came the meat. Here's what a trick: it is necessary to lay out portions and good red-hot frying pan. Meat should be browned, but not extinguished or welded.

So here makarom fry everything, removing each piece from the pan into a bowl. With meat done? Getting to peanuts. Fry it in sesame oil, and at the end add a little water -chut.

Once the water has boiled peanuts, send to the vegetables and meat, and bring to readiness. It's about a couple of minutes.

Serve with rice (it will smooth the sharpness).

By the way - Like and subscribe to add 100,500 to the skill of any chef)

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