Cod with vegetable coat


Cod - fish cosmopolitan! Not any there, God forgive me, prostipoma. In her fat - only 0.6 grams per hundred, eat - and grow thin. Plus, if the cod is not dry up, it is quite gentle, low-fat fish that is only a plus.

Once I used to read that in the 17-18 centuries, cod harvested North American Protestants. It was salted in barrels, and more - vyalili. The stench was on the whole coast, but the fish gave excellent income because it called "green gold".

we do not want to stink because of the gold (especially green) give up. Take the fish fresh and... dietetically prepare it for a vegetable coat.


· Cod fillet

· A couple of tomatoes

· Pickles

· Walnuts

· Peppermint

· Dill

· Parsley

· Bow

· Lemon juice or dressing

· Olive oil

· Natural yoghurt

· A couple of garlic cloves

· Black pepper

Greens, tomatoes, pickles, garlic and nuts can cut melenko polem and a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice. Stir not too lazy. Kneading, however, coat the future is not necessary.

Then we shall lay cod fillets in a baking dish and smazhem yogurt. Here - the attention - it is necessary to consider a caveat. Any yogurt with fruit for shaving brushes are not suitable. You do not laugh, it's like the prohibition to carry electrical cord ladders. It seems that no one will do - but no, the instructions written, it means that there are heroes.

If there is no yogurt or you love fatter fish - something for shaving brushes, you can use sour cream. There is another option with mayonnaise, of course - but mayonnaise is considered to be evil.

On top of the cod spread a coat of vegetables and herbs, and send it in the oven for 20-30 minutes at 180 degrees.


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