5 gifts that I was going to give to your favorite women in the New Year (2020). I tell why they chose


What kind of gifts on New Year's, I chose their favorite women: wife, mother, and mother-in cross.

This year I decided to make my beloveds useful gifts that make life easier in the kitchen. I chose those that just will not gather dust on a shelf.

Set pans with removable handle

Pans I looked for Mom. Her age-old problem that the dishes take up much space in the kitchen. And then in one fell swoop I kill two birds at once. These pans can be something to fry, as if to remove the handle - feel free to send it in the oven.

He presented as comfortably in a cook-tart Tatin. Sauté apples in caramel, and not shifting in a baking dish, you can send it in the oven. Beauty, love, when the thing is multifunctional.

kitchen thermometer

The thermometer is also mom picked. A year ago, I gave her a cross, Lena, my mother's sister. Mom, when I saw him in action, too, wanted such a Statement.

I use a thermometer, not only for roasting in the oven, but also in Jam summer. Once the jam has reached 105 ° C, can be poured on banks. And there is no check on flowoff.

Kitchen scales

Libra I give the cross, it has recently been making a lot of complex confectionery products, where accuracy is important.

It is very convenient when you need one bowl to combine a bunch of different ingredients. Just put the bowl on the scale and weigh the first ingredient, then zeroes the container and add the second, and so with all. The output is that only soiled bowl, which weighed rather than a pile of plates.

Machine for cleaning of fruits, berries and vegetables

This "gadget" I'll give my mother-in. She complains every summer as it is heavy with Jam. And with the help of this machine is easy to clean the raspberries, apples, black currant and other berries, and get rid of the seeds.

I use this machine for several years, and it saves me when I was doing summer harvesting apple sauce. Not a machine, but a find!

immersion blender

Blender I selected for my wife. Recently, she often cooks soup. To pyurirovat vegetables, it uses a stationary blender, which has a small bowl, and to constantly pour into a separate container that does not add to clean dishes.

Therefore I decided to simplify her life and chose the immersion blender.

These are the gifts I picked their favorite women. Do you think they will appreciate?

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