How to cook a cake of bread and apples. Recipe Charlotte in German (photo)


In pre-revolutionary times, many Germans lived in Russia. German housewives baked delicious apple pies. And somehow it happened that the majority of German housewives were named Charlotte.

Here's a pie at me the top view
Here's a pie at me the top view

Hence the name of pies. But the Germans have this cake looked quite different than familiar to us today charlotte. They have been very economical and baked apple pie from the dried up bread. Sliced ​​apples wrapped in bread soaked in egg and then baked.

I wanted to prepare something similar, but slightly poizyskannee. Basic ingredients I have the same as that of the Germans, apples and bread. But part of the apples I caramelizing, and the other part - Bake in the mashed potatoes. Then the two parts joined together and bake bread. So we will not cake, but a real apple symphony. What I got, I will tell in the end.

Cooking method


All apples are peeled and remove the core. Apples to caramelize Cut into 8 slices. Apples for sauce cut into small cubes, to bake faster.

With bread crusts cut off, it took me about 9 pieces.

Grease with butter and cook on one side until golden brown.

caramelized apples

Sugar 80g
Butter 25 gr
Apples 500 g (solid, Granny Smith type)

Melt the sugar in a pan until the state candy. Add apples and butter.

I stirred and fry until when the apples will become a little soft on the outside. 6 cloves save separately for decoration, then mix with the remaining puree.

Pyurirovanie apples

Apple juice 150 g
Sugar 10g
Pectin or zhelfiks 0.5 teaspoon
Apples 250g (soft)

Apples send in a saucepan, add a little apple juice and put on medium heat. After boiling, boiled apples ~ 10 minutes, to a thick sauce.

Sugar mix with pectin (zhelfiksom) and apple juice was stirred to homogeneity. When ready puree, pour thereto a mixture of pectin and stirred.


Form of grease with butter and sprinkle with sugar.

Along the edges of shapes spread bread, crusty outside.

At the bottom of the spread 6 pieces of caramelized apples, which I postponed.

Both apple mixture was stirred together and send into the mold.

The edges of the bread slightly buckled.


Bake for 30 minutes at 210 degrees. Then I give the cake to cool completely. Ideally withstand cake, without removing from the mold, to stabilize apples 6-8 hours.


I did not wait for complete stabilization of the wife and tries to break off a piece. I was able to withstand the cake 4:00. He was still a little warm inside and the filling did not have time before the end to become dense.

But what I have left - it is very, very tasty. Apples inside bread became uniform dense mass. Fry bread at the edges and covered with caramel crust. My wife and I could not resist and ate cake in one sitting.

Cake before serving turn the top of apples. Flipping to see more photos
Cake before serving turn the top of apples. Flipping to see more photos
A piece of the pie from apples and bread. Charlotte in German
Cake before serving turn the top of apples. Flipping to see more photos
If you give the cake to stabilize the filling is firm and will not spread
Cake before serving turn the top of apples. Flipping to see more photos

What to remember:

  1. Apple peel and core
  2. Part of caramelized apples, the other - baked mashed
  3. Bread fry until golden brown
  4. Bake for 30 minutes at 210 ° C
  5. Writing cake cool 6-8 hours

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