How to cook a juicy chocolate biscuit


I have not met anyone who does not love chocolate. But what if you make a chocolate cake so that it would be impossible to put down until you can not eat all of it? This recipe is chocolate biscuit I will share with you today.

Chocolate biscuits with chocolate cream - vkusnota! Photos Yandex. Images
Chocolate biscuits with chocolate cream - vkusnota! Photos Yandex. Images

The most incredible thing that it's not a drop of chocolate, cocoa only. Then what about his chocolate taste, you ask. How to achieve this effect, I'll discuss in today's article. Enjoy reading.

Chocolate cake (form 24 cm in diameter or 2-3 cake in forms 16-18 cm)


Flour, 188 gr
Cocoa 45 g
Baking powder 5 g
Soda 4 g
Vegetable oil 75 g
Sugar 225 g
Eggs 2 pcs
Vanilla sugar 10g
Milk 75g
Coffee 170 g
Alcohol 40 g

Cooking method

Before you start cooking, I brew strong coffee, so it has turned out 170 g. I use ground coffee and brew about 2 teaspoons per 230 g of water, the water will soak into the coffee, so take water with the stock. Remains can always drink. If you are using a soluble, this point can be ignored.

To begin mix all the dry ingredients (flour, cocoa, baking soda, baking powder) in a separate bowl and whisk stirred until a uniform mixture.

If you stir the mixture bad, then can be inclusions in the finished flour biscuit
If you stir the mixture bad, then can be inclusions in the finished flour biscuit

Vanilla and plain sugar, vegetable oil, stir and add at once all the eggs, whip with a mixer until smooth. Sift half the dry mix and adding milk, whip mixer before combining.

It's time to add the hot coffee. Why is it hot? So I brew cocoa biscuit will give a darker color. Also, due to the high temperature baking powder will start to work before getting in the oven. Therefore, a porous sponge with large "holes".

Together with coffee adding fragrant alcohol, e.g. Sheridans or amaretto.

I do not drink hard liquor, so I do not mind to use expensive gifts from colleagues in their baking, but if you toad strangling, replace it with the same amount of coffee or milk.
Can I drive after this biscuit? Yes, you can. Alcohol evaporated during baking, but will leave a scent and taste.

Mixer at low speed to stir the mixture until homogeneous mass at this point, the liquid and at a high speed mixer may scatter in all directions.

Adding the dry mixture and the residue whip mixer before combining all ingredients just 1-2 minutes.

I pour the batter into a baking dish, for which pre-made "French shirt"What it is, I wrote in the blog, I leave a link at end of article.

Bake at 180 ° approximately 45-60 minutes. Depending on your oven, the time may vary. Readiness check match dry, pierces to the bottom biscuit, if a match is dry - cake is ready. - if not, leave the bake for another 10 to 15 minutes.

Ready cake spread on the grill and give to cool completely. Then I packaged in plastic wrap and put them in the refrigerator overnight. Due to this method the moisture inside the biscuit evenly distributed and you will not have the effect of "wet and dry center of the edge." I recommend this method for all the biscuits, no impregnation is required.

Biscuit I usually use to prepare a cake, but you can eat in this form. If you are thinking to make a cake, just cut the cake at the cake and 2-3 promazhte cream. I recommend to use the classic cream cheese, a link to the recipe will leave at the end of the article.

P.S. The recipe turned out very long, but I wanted to share with you the secrets that help me bake the biscuits really delicate.

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