Diet for Type II diabetes: what can not be allowed and that little?


In diabetes of any type is crucial is diet. How to feed a diabetic? Details on.

Diet in diabetes mellitus type 2

Everything we consume carbohydratesThat, in the process of metabolism, are converted into glucose, which is the energy for the organism.

carbohydrates are fast (Simple) and slow (Complex).

fast carbohydrates - are products with a high glycemic index (GI), more precisely, their GI above 50 and cause a sharp rise in blood glucose.

Glycemic index - a measure of the effect of ingested product on the change in the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood.

The diet of people with type 2 diabetes is based on the basis of those basic concepts that we discussed above.

Rules for diabetes nutrition

1. In type 2 diabetes prohibited fast carbohydrates GI above 70, such as:

sugar and all kinds of sweets;
ice cream;
white bread, flour products made with white flour (pies, cakes, cookies, pastries);
sweet carbonated drinks;
fast food;
fried potatoes or fries;
pasta from soft wheat.

2. Slow carbohydrates (GI lower than 50) Allowed

in limited quantitiesBread, better grain, cereals, pasta, dairy products, many fruits.

In general, there can be, but not buckets and even pots. In moderate doses. =)

3. Can: Any vegetables, except potatoes. Carrots and beets boiled limit, they are sugar rises and bread units also have in them.
Cabbage can be in all kinds, eggs, low-fat and non-fried meat and fish.
With chicken, turkey, remove the skin before cooking.
And then simmer, stew or bake - all things!

4. Alcohol! Very careful! Very carefully.
Drinking alcohol should be limited to amounts equivalent to 15 g of ethanol (40 g spirits, or 140 g of dry wine, beer or 300 g) for women and 30 g of ethanol (80 g spirits, or 280 g of dry wine, beer or 600 g) for men in the absence of pancreatitis, severe neuropathies, elevated blood levels of triglycerides, the alcohol dependence.

Alcohol must not take the passage of metformin therapy.

And we should not forget that alcoholic beverages high in calories, and their consumption reduces your limited diet, depriving you of nutrients and replacing them with "empty" calories from alcohol.

Also, alcohol slows down the metabolism. Therefore, this product is not recommended for those who are watching their weight.

5. Starvation while type 2 diabetes is categorically counter!!!
there is a need
no less 1,200 kcal (for women) or 1,500 kcal (for men).

What is interesting, if you want to lose weight, decrease daily calories will lead to the opposite results.
It is necessary to strictly adhere to the norms of daily energy intake: no more, no less!

6. Important! Please observe the ratio BZHU (proteins, fats, carbohydrates): for persons with no excess weight - roughly, for people with obesity - is necessary.
Not less than 50% of the caloric content to be typed due to carbohydrates, preferably complex (porridge in water, pasta, bread, fruit, vegetables).
The diet should be less than 15% calories due to fat (obesity is particularly important), the rest - due proteins.

7. eat often, 5-6 times a day, small portions, then carry everything you think, severe restrictions, it becomes easier and the result is achieved more easily.

Remember that you do not suffer, hurting themselves in the food and go to his goal: to be healthy, look good, to lose weight and be happy!

Sample menu with type 2 diabetes.
Sample menu with type 2 diabetes.

Take care of yourself!

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