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I welcome you to my channel. Here I share my experience of losing weight, an exemplary slimming menu and recipes for dishes that are included in my diet.

Fasting or eating to lose weight - the choice is yours. My slimness menu is already my way of life. Minus 63 kg in 2 years.

If you want to be slim at all times and not jump from diet to diet - look for food that you can stick to throughout your life.

After a series of diets, hunger strikes, breakdowns, I found a way that helped me lose weight and taught me to control food, which has become my way of life.

Thanks to counting calories, I realized my mistakes, I saw how much I actually overeat. Although before, like many, I believed that I eat little, in small portions and my weight is growing because... and here you can continue our favorite excuses with you: heredity, hormones, wide bone. No, our weight grows in most cases from overeating.

As an example of a diet for calculating KBZHU, I will show my menu.

β›”It must be understood that the calorie rate is individual and depends on many factors.
I cite my menu just as an example, to clearly show that you can lose weight and maintain weight comfortably, in a balanced and tasty way, and not starving on vegetables or buckwheat.
To draw up an individual menu, contact the specialists.

Here's a Monday morning:

Again frost came to us. I want hot tea in the morning and something delicious. And how good it is that on Sunday I prepared cheesecakes in advance. Today I warmed up 200 g of cheesecakes, put a spoonful of sour cream 10% (20 g) and garnished with raspberries. The eye rejoices, the taste buds flutter - Monday started off great.

My breakfast turned out to be 425 kcal

The start of the day, and indeed of the week, is excellent - you can go to work.

Had a snack today with oranges. My favorite red oranges are finally here! But I was shocked by the price. They were worth a dime that year compared to this winter. First, I saw 250 rubles per kilogram in the shop. Tatiana in our comments likes to use the expression "I am in a" culture shock "", which seems to have gone to the people. So when I saw the price of red oranges, it was by no means in cultural shocked! But then I found it in the supermarket for 160 rubles. Also not cheap, but since I was really waiting for them, I bought a kilogram to knock down my appetite for them.

200 g oranges - 75 kcal.

For lunch, I warmed up the last pepper with broth (250 g) and cut a salad with radishes, cucumber, green onions (155 g), which I filled with 20 g of sour cream. Another 20 g of sour cream was added to the pepper.

Dinner went out on 345 kcal.

For dinner, I again have vegetables 120 g of tomato with herbs, seasoned with 1 g of olive oil (these are a few zips from an oil sprayer - a very convenient thing).

And I also remembered that I had a stash of langoustines in the freezer for a very long time (practically shrimps, only large and with their own specific taste, sweetish). Mine did not appreciate them, but I liked them - that's one of them and I eat sometimes.

So I fried 150 g of langoustines in 10 g of butter with the addition of garlic, then poured it with milk (100 ml) and added 20 g of mozzarella cheese. She put out all this and sprinkled it with dill at the very end.

You can also cook shrimpπŸ˜‰

Dinner turned out to be 385 kcal.

I have already said more than once that we have an early dinner (at 17 o'clock) because of my husband's work schedule. Therefore, in order not to go to bed with a feeling of appetite, I often eat something 2-3 hours before bedtime as part of my daily calorie intake.

And today it is 100 g of syrniki with 25 g of raspberry-blueberry jam and green tea. Came out on 265 kcal.

My day turned out to be 1490 kcal. B - 120, F - 58, U - 116.

I have kept within the framework of my calorie intake and I know for sure that not a single gram of fat will be deposited on my sides. In addition to observing KBZHU, a drinking regimen and at least ordinary physical education are important.

As soon as new readers join our friendly company, the same questions arise.

I would like to ask you to first familiarize yourself with all the links in the reminder (it is in every article) and if questions remain, we will sort it out.

One of the most frequently asked questions is the question "is the calorie counter counting too many for me?" No wonder, we are used to starving in order to lose weight, and then suddenly it turns out that we need to eat.

Try calculating your regular diet first. Take your phone and write down in the calorie counter all the food you usually eat when you are not trying to lose weight. Just do not forget about all the cookies, sweets and other sweets that unnoticed fell into your mouth, about a couple of pieces of bacon or a bun with butter and jam, or a sandwich with a decent amount sausages. Did you eat? Was it tasty? Now let's count.

Usually, after seeing the resulting number of calories eaten per day, all questions disappear. Because more often it is 2500-3000 kcal, or even more!

Having reduced your calorie intake by 15%, you will already get the result and slowly begin to shed excess weight from yourself.

But again, first of all, you need to understand the priorities, sort out your head and put everything on the shelves.

What is more important to you: health and a stable result, which can then be easily maintained or faster lose weight on hungry days and return again to sweets, which will once again return excess weight back?

Delicious and comfortable weight loss everyone!

And I will leave you a little sweetness today:


Video recipe for waffles and video recipe for liver pate:

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I just share my experience of losing weight, talk about my menu, life, share photos of walks in beautiful places. I advise nothing and no one, always seek advice from specialists.

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