Disgusting food, coffee from manure for a fortune


The offer to try this drink a couple of my friends contorted, another - loudly indignant, said that its going to be sick, and some... nothing is normal so reacted. Even with interest. After all, try doroguschy delicacy - always enticing.

Although, as for me, no it's not dainty. Coffee coffee. The only grain is not ripped off branches, and learned from animal excrement, palm civet for him. Origin you have not heavily strained? Then go ahead, follow me, I'll show you the entire production process "kakachino" (or smart - Kopi Luwak) in Bali.

That's brewing regular coffee.

And here is how the coffee pickers, the one who makes Kopi Luwak unusual. This animal - from the belly after eating Asian Palm Civet coffee beans. In Indonesia, the Asian Palm Civet called «lowak» (hence the name coffees).

Asian Palm Civet coffee beans burst entirely, pulp them to digest, but the core - the grain itself - comes out the natural method. Locals carefully collect musangovskie "pretzels". It looks raw material for the delicacy drink like this.

After traveling through the gastrointestinal tract Asian Palm Civet (well, or luwak) grains are washed, dried, roasted and sold all sorts of different palates for the big money. The possibility of such sale occurred because like advertising this variety of coffee has been made excellent.

Marketers say that luwak (well, or Asian Palm Civet) eat only the best, most mature and highest quality coffee berries. A grain in the stomach and intestine are exposed sverhzamechatelnyh musangovskih (well or luvakovskih) enzymes that gives the drink, brewed from them, bumper, slightly bitter and super-rich, delicious taste, because the locals since ancient times use only the coffee.

At the very fact lies. in fact, coffee luwak droppings started to "get" after the Dutch - and Indonesia was a Dutch colony - banned local farmers to harvest for personal use.

Well, and then I found a cunning marketing (before they too were) and launched Mulk about the best coffee, eaten luwak (Asian Palm Civet or)

Competition it is the best coffee eaten by monkeys and elephants.

I ventured to try "Kopi Luwak". taste flat rather than full. Most bitter than coffee. Something like the most banal "Robusta". Five dollars for a cup of this drink - a robbery in broad daylight. Well, kofiya pack will cost the mountain-and-azdo expensive. Here are just a point to buy it?

PS. Tried "kakachino"?

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