Bachelor meal (and not only): side dishes, which are preparing themselves ...


For a full dinner or lunch to the main meat dish is required... garnish. Prepare the garnish - a science (I'm not kidding), because just cook rice and throw it on the plate - not enough. This rice is tasteless. Rice should be able to cook (although skillfully do not last long).

A little earlier I talked about how to cook rice, so it was airy and crumbly, not sticky-sklizkloy weight.

And now let's talk about other cereals (and not only).

Option one: cereals

Fiddle with the welding and drying in the oven barley, few people agree. But there is a grain that is not as we have known, the closest relative of the native barley - bulgur.

To cook - it is twenty minutes. Washed bulgur (if you have it naikachestvenneyshy, can, of course, skip this step, but I do not advise) Melt in a pan a couple of tablespoons of butter or pour vegetable, and cook bulgur almost like pilaf.

Then pour the water (the calculation - roughly 1.9 cups of water per cup of bulgur), prisalivaem, cover with a lid and wait for twenty minutes.

At the exit is a side dish that goes well with both the sauce and just the cape. And the taste - very interesting. Not banal.

Option two: potato

It takes a large or medium potatoes, wireworm not damaged and normal shape. Thoroughly wash it with a brush, each potato wrapped in foil, throws in a hot oven for an hour. It turns out tasty, flavorful potatoes, which topically can not even clean.

If you want more quickly, it also prick in several places with a knife and send in the microwave for twenty minutes. In the oven with the function multipovara even spetsovy regime there.

Third Embodiment: vegetable

Cut zucchini or zucchini - to the pan, cut onion - into the pan, cut the bell pepper - on a frying pan, cut tomatoes - into the pan, add salt, sprinkle granular joke called "Provencal herbs" and covering cover. Fifteen minutes - in your presence whether ratatouille, or vegetable stew, juicy, fragrant, useful.

In conjunction with the baked chicken or meat - is a great success. You can prepare for the future - a couple of days in the refrigerator survive. In short, bachelor eat - not so difficult!

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