The main secret of this cabbage soup


I know, know me now would be to kick ...

But I still say, the secret of this cabbage soup is that their prescription in nature... does not exist. All soup - real!

Their many species that the devil himself would break a leg.

Soup are full, they are called "the rich." Full soup boiled on a solid meat broth, and used as fillers vsne that the hand or in the refrigerator there.

Soup are prefabricated. Well, it's almost like halophyte - there are a lot of different meat products.

Fish soup there. They cook noble varieties of fish from the shallow river fishes or canned fish, fish, fresh or salt. You tried it? I admit, I - no.

Lenten soup are without myasa- with vegetables, mushrooms and herbs.

Soup are green - with sorrel or spinach.

Soup are gray north - for them to use lower cabbage leaves grayish color.

Soup are seedlings - seedlings of cabbage,

Soup are diurnal - after cooking them keep warm at least four hours, and then left in the cold.

A sour soup this is not soup, and drink ...

Nevertheless, every cook has his own recipe and it defended as the only right one.

My real soup cooked on a good piece of beef brisket, and the meat is cooked very, very long time. Cabbage is always cook separately, but at the end of laying it in a pan. And it always have to prepare differently. Young - cut slightly larger and smaller stew, autumn - it is necessary to put out longer and have to chop thinly, thinly.

And at the very end of cooking be sure to put a pot of soup for an hour and a half in the oven, wrap it tightly under the lid foil - that the steam is not produced. As for me, this is the only know-how, which comes highly recommended for those who do not do - so little soup become like soup, which was cooked in old times - and in the winter (a heavy, hearty, if lucky enough, and products have been), and in the summer - a light, green…

Do you have any secrets?

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