Be careful: the delicacy of rotten fish


A few drops of this product can transform a dish into food of the gods, as if to increase the dosage - the consumers, likely to start spitting - it will appear in the taste... salty cloying, extending insides podtuhshey roach.


What do you think about it?

About him, the great and terrible fish sauce, multifaceted and polyonymous. In Thailand, he's hiding under the name nampla, Vietnam is nyokmam, Myanmar - nganpayi.

To list all the names does not make sense, because the product is almost always going to be one and the same, with minor Variations taste: liquid from golden to dark brown in color having a strong fishy smell and expressed salty taste.

It is prepared by laying the fish with salt in boxes: in the fermentation time, it produces a fluid that becomes sauce.

If you have been in Asia, you know - the smell of fish sauce literally eats into every point of catering (if it does not serve solely European dishes). And fish sauce... actually, despite its not very noble origin - surprisingly tasty stuff.

The main thing - to be able to select it and use it properly.

So, how to choose?

The first sign - at a price, yes. Good fish sauce, as well as soy, can not be cheap, even if we consider that in its production are often used anchovies (and it is expensive raw materials).

The second feature - the composition.

As is the case with soy, a lot of ingredients can not be. Anchovy extract, salt, sugar - all. Or fish, water, salt, sugar - here as write (translate).

The third feature is the faithful: look at the amount of protein than it more - the better.

Start dance from classic 7.5 grams of protein per 100 grams of sauce.

And how to use the sauce?

You can add instead of salt is almost everywhere, but gently, being careful not to overdo it. And so - fish sauce sounds very organic and in soups and salads, to fish dishes - especially, and even as a "makalovo".

One of the ways of Vietnamese fish sauce eating - mix it with lime juice, add the chopped chili pepper, and dip the product before sending it into his mouth.

Bon Appetit!

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