"The same pollock." Recipe Soviet times, making this delicious fish


Dug in the collections of recipes, preparing to cook pollack "that same flavor." To be honest, I do not like pollock. This dislike has happened for many reasons.

Perhaps, the first - ever unsightly carcasses. Somehow, our producers is difficult to freeze and transport the fish so that it looked like food for people, not fodder for cattle. Perekorezhenye, peremorozhennye fish calf did not initially cause the desire to buy them. With fillets, too, all difficult - under the ice glaze may be hiding anything, so that the risk money and spoiled dinners would not be desirable.

Second - the taste of the fish itself. Well, here is to be honest, that may be made from pollock? Not if rasstaralas - it sounds good in heh. Heh, we Korean cuisine because, yes? I think it is organic pollack, because initially Pollack played a big role was in Korean, to us he "came" in the middle of the twentieth century.

Fried pollack - digestible, of course, but not brilliant. The same perch would give him a hundred points. Baked on a bed of vegetables - again, boring. Pollock - a dry, low-fat fish with implicitly expressed taste. Cod on a bed of vegetable and it will be interesting.

Run at minced for meatballs? Here the question arises - it's worth it?

But there is one way, known to our mothers and grandmothers how to make delicious pollack dull. It is... to prepare it for a marinade or put out with vegetables. Magazine "Deli" gave me a wonderful recipe with olive oil "Extra Virgin" and dry white wine. But I allowed myself to begin to doubt that during my childhood there was olive oil on every Soviet kitchen because ...

Well, yes, we had to climb again in the collection of recipes for catering the old Soviet model.

Marinated fish, as such, it was not available. But I found a recipe for "the very pollock", stewed with vegetables. In principle, if the vegetables are put out separately, following the recipe, you'll get "the same marinade," which, like a coat, sheltered body of fried pollock and served cold.

Well, if you follow it religiously - is stewed with vegetables Pollock.


-1540 grams of pollock

Water or broth - 460 ml

parsley root - 60 grams

Celery root - 30 grams

Onion - 170grammov

Tomato puree - 200 grams

Vegetable oil - 100 grams

Vinegar 3% - 50 grams

Sugar - 35 grams

Cloves, cinnamon, bay leaf - at 0.1 grams (well, that is just a little bit)

Mass of salt there is, alas, to no avail.

Preparation is simple: cut pieces of fish fillet with skin, without bones, put in a bowl in two layers, alternating with layers of chopped vegetables, Pour broth or water, add vegetable oil, tomato paste, vinegar, sugar, salt, dish covered with a lid and stew until tender (45-60 min); 5-7 minutes before the end of quenching add pepper and bay leaf.

At home (or even in the dining room where the chef does not take home all), this fish gets a very even nothing!

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