5 most essential things that make life easier in the kitchen


What are the most essential things in the kitchen? I'll tell you, without which I would have been difficult to prepare something.

Recently I have told about the most useless thing in the kitchen (link to the article will leave at the end), and it turned out that my readers also do not like clutter cupboards with unnecessary things. So today I want to share 5 things that are needed in the kitchen.

1. towels

I have a huge amount of kitchen towels. 3-4 towels are always hanging next to the sink to wipe his hands and utensils. A few more are close, they fold the oversized dishes to dry.

When I cook, belt always hang a wet towel - convenient to quickly wipe your hands or used in place of potholders.

2. Tea strainer

It superfunktsionalnaya thing about the opportunities that many do not know. Not only do I brew tea using it, but instead of using the screen when it is necessary to sprinkle the pastry with powdered sugar.

I also use it when you want to add to the soup spice large, but do not want it then it swam. Just get in the tea strainer and put in a saucepan, and then remove the cooking.

3. corolla

I love the whisk for its simplicity. I knead the dough for them biscuits, mix syrups jams and much more. I have a few whisks and all of them I use regularly.

4. Silicone mat and blade

The most frequently used items home. I can not imagine how you ever managed without them. Silicone mat I use to 100%. I Roll out the dough on it, bake ware, it is deposited on a marshmallow. After use, wipe it with a cloth, and he, like new, ready to work again.

Same thing with a silicone spatula. I specifically bought a lot different. But most often I use blades which do not melt at high temperatures. I use them when cooked jam, kneading the dough, instead of the even blade for frying. Irreplaceable thing!

5. Food film

I use plastic wrap often and why buy it in large tubes. For me, this is not only a means of storage, but also replacement of the rolling pin.

If you want to roll a sticky dough, you'd better do it tuba with cling film. After rolling, I throw out the top layer, and you can roll out something new.

Of course, this is not all the things that are in my kitchen, but, in my opinion, they are the most needed. And what are the things in the kitchen most necessary for you?

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