Tender cheese rolls with a crispy crust


Greetings to all dieters!

Here we are with you grow thin, tasty and always want. And why not treat yourself to a fabulous sweet rolls for breakfast in the morning? Especially since they are a perfect fit with KBZHU.

I'm ready for something like that and tell you about a recipe, but this time a little to change it. And so much has happened since then, so many new subscribers appeared that did not share insanely delicious scones for tea was not good on my part.

For rolls I took:

  • cottage home 9% 200 g (I recently used was 9% cottage cheese and no less. So get fat on KBZHU, assimilated more nutrients from cottage cheese, and delicious)
  • one egg,
  • 20 g of butter (in advance of its melted)
  • 100 g of each meal (I took 60 g of rice and 40 g of wheat wholegrain)
  • bag of vanillin,
  • 4 bags / sachet sweetener (we cook sweet buns for tea).
  • half a teaspoon of baking powder,
  • coconut optional for dusting cakes and flavor.


Cottage cheese and egg mix well.

Adding a little cooled down and melted butter and interfere with it in the curd mixture.

Then add all the dry ingredients: flour, sugar, vanilla, baking powder and knead the dough.

The finished dough sticks to your hands.

Baking was covered with silicone mat (who has) or baking paper.

Hands, soaked with water, form balls (or as I plyushechki - as you like) and send it on a baking sheet.

I got 4 pieces and 2 more small. Of different sizes, I do specifically to then it was possible to combine small and large - I have just a small + large came to 100 g in finished form. A 2 large will have too much for breakfast.

If desired sprinkle rolls coconut aroma and to send it in the oven at 180 g for 25-30 minutes.

Our sweet bun with crispy ready! Good appetite! Another cushy - they are incredibly delicious.

These buns are happy to eat and those who do not adhere to the PP and not lose weight because they are insanely delicious.

My ordered me another ode to tea party the next day. Well, I managed to postpone itself in the morning a couple of stuff).

For those who do not lose weight and do not count calories, you can put in the middle of a stuffing from a piece of chocolate, or add your favorite dried fruits - calorie increase - do not forget to count.

Your tastes and imagination will prompt you options of fillings!

KBZHU per 100 g of finished dishes: K - 260, B - 10, M - 12, U - 21,

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I do not pretend to be an expert PP. Just sharing experiences. I "OkoloPP"!

Delicious is not fasting, not one nibble carrots and cabbage and lose weight 50 kg
Delicious is not fasting, not one nibble carrots and cabbage and lose weight 50 kg

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