Super appetizer of fresh cucumber for 10 minutes


I have today for dinner boiled potatoes and cucumbers, that's somehow not a lot... First and planned to file a sliced ​​cucumber. But, after some thought, I decided to make a snack out of cucumbers, as if their little pickle! Snack is 5 minutes - and cutting, and mixing. And somewhere else 5 minutes will be spent on marinating... All! 10 minutes and serve on the table not only cuts from fresh cucumbers and awesome tasty snack.

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To prepare a snack (for four people) will need:

Three small fresh cucumber
2 garlic cloves
A teaspoon of sugar and salt
Tablespoon of vinegar 9%
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
Third teaspoon coriander seeds
Fresh greens, any - to your liking, cilantro, dill, parsley ...

Take a bowl and prepare the marinade... Pour a spoonful of vinegar, vegetable oil, put the sugar, salt and squeezing through a garlic press... Unfortunately, in my house, not one clove of garlic, so I had to do without it. Maybe someone and do not love him, but here he just has to "be present." Still, sharp little lovers can add to the marinade a little hot pepper, fresh or dried... And, add coriander grains, but first they need to be a little grind.

And, of course greens! Absolutely any greens. I have it chopped dill frozen. All this is a good mix ...

Then the mixture was put in a chopped cucumbers. They can be simply cut into slices, but not too thin. Too thin to be not already crispy, and "raskvashenymi" or something... It is best to cut into small cubes - with the little finger. mix, and do not need to remove it in the refrigerator. While setting the table, a couple of times the contents of the bowl stir and serve... It turns out very tasty cucumber appetizer, eaten immediately!

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