Scrub Bioactive bowel cleansing in the 5+


Clean - the guarantee of health and beauty. The outside, then the inside! (and vice versa). Clean the inside and rejuvenate the look with a spell: "Scrub-Dooby-doo!" and at the same time tasty meal without even stepping up to the plate and exploiting only one blender!


1. Gooseberries (10 ripe berries)

2. Flax seed (1 tablespoon)

3. Red currant (one-third cup)

4. Blackcurrant (1 tablespoon)

5. Meadow strawberries (half a glass)

6. Hercules (1-2 tablespoons)

7. Water (half a cup), you can not

8. Kefir (half a glass) is possible without

9. Banana (1 pc) is sweeter to him, but it is better scrub works without it

Some of the missing components (2-3 pieces) can be missed, but ideally working version of such bioactive scrub.

A method for preparing a simple

With evening soaked seed flax and oats (in particular mug) and set down the refrigerator. We took all the berries thoroughly rinsed in a colander, put in a bowl of a blender. Added flax, oats and water or yogurt, or simply davonuli pre berries blender to better cope with the total mass. Put for sweetness banana (treated or not). We included our noisy friend and go! Brought to homogeneity 15-20 seconds and can be eaten straight from the tin until. The result was a delicious sweet and sour scrub mousse with ground seeds of berries, which is desirable for poupotreblyat breakfast while you can (there are fresh berries!), but do not abuse it, so as not to provoke appendix. Naturally, it is not ugly (it's certainly more pleasant than enemas!) Have a good cleansing and from the "boring zaporycha" deliverance! ;)

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Bioactive scrub bowel
Bioactive scrub bowel

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