Year of the Rat begins: preparing salad allowed her products. Simple and delicious


Hey, here I am - a person not really believing in all sorts of signs of the horoscope, and so forth, but every year in late December, a little, but give in to the universal mania "placate" the patron saint of the coming year delicious food.

It's like a game or even a quest invent something, I do not know that, so that consumers like it, and in line with superstition. The first thing, of course, all those items are removed from the menu cooked "from the patron," Well, then - added to the fact that the patron of love.

We were lucky - the rats and their immediate families, nutria there any, other rodents for food use was not approved (nutria prepared, yes, but rarely). So - on the table, will that love rat.

Rats also love it! Well, almost all. And pulls the leading voice "In the animal world," say:

- The basis of food rats - grain. Home, hand, rats are recommended cooked cereals, chicken, meat, too, boiled, vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, crackers (unsalted only).

Well, add another: in pet stores large variety of dry food for rodents, the difficulties should not arise.

But I'm afraid this will not understand a joke, but if you put on the table just the seeds, then... guests and pets offended.

I therefore propose to combine the permitted krysyavkam products in a salad. Well, that, the traditional New Year dish. And zabatsat we are with you... Salad with chicken and rice.

Delicious, really.


• Rice - one hundred grams, not more. Otherwise, he would kill us all

• chicken fillet - two hundred grams - three hundred, chicken - it's delicious

• One good eggplant (still there in the stores, though expensive, infection)

• Juicy thick sweet peppers - one piece. Better than orange or red (so nice to be)

• One is not sharp bulb - white or red

Yet we need the lemon juice, olive oil and Dijon mustard. Replace Dijon mustard any other - I do not advise.

We begin to prepare:

Boil rice and chicken.

Chicken cut into small cubes.

Finely chopped onion fried in olive oil, spread on a plate. In the same oil fry the diced eggplant - and also spread on a plate. Eggplant is better to soak in salt water to get rid of the bitterness. Fry is necessary to state aldente. Now the pan is pepper, sliced ​​not too large squares. Fried until even sung Italians aldente.

Important: if you have a grill pan or grilled peppers and eggplant is better not to fry, and bake it. When this thread may be larger.

In a small jar, pour the olive oil, lemon juice, add salt and mustard there. Cover it with a lid, shake. Putting all the prepared ingredients, pour the dressing. Salad ready!

For those to whom he does not seem festive to say: Well, what do you want? Rats - the animals are not fussy! And in general, sausage and cheese they can not be - it will tell everyone krysovod! So that.

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