Cheap and cheerful: many variations of lettuce, based on - a simple beets with onions


And how long have you if the beet salad?

Do not answer, I know that most of the answers now - oh, long ago, the author! Because the beets - it's tasteless. Yes, and that it is possible to prepare, in addition to salad, herring under a fur coat, well, and even beets with garlic?

Yes, a lot of things, good gentlemen (and bad too).

Moreover, there are salads, basic recipe which can be converted into their "vernacular" in the "refined" all movements and one pair ingredient.

Let us now about one such talk.

For the base we need:

  • Three - four is not large, bright, medium sveklin sweets.
  • Two not large sweet onions - white or red. Acute onions do not take, sharp bow does not work here.

Beets clean, wet rub on a grater for Korean carrot - we need a long, narrow ribbons. In a frying pan warm up a couple of tablespoons of oil (olive or sunflower, as someone loves, although for my taste better here sounds a mixture of olive and sunflower), throw-beet and fry quickly. Sprinkle a teaspoon of sugar (no slides), pour a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice, mix it all, stand a minute over high heat, then reduce heat and simmer for about half an hour - in short, to readiness. Under the lid or without - as you have come.

By the end of cooking beets cut the onion into small cubes and fry, too.

When both ingredients are ready and cooled down, mix them in a salad bowl and... a basic framework we have prepared.

Then there are variations. Rather, lettuce excipients.

Main filler - nuts:

In this salad, you can add roasted and chopped peanuts. Peanuts necessarily wash and fry, because otherwise he is, will taste. In this salad, you can add walnuts, chopped, course, and chop them better into fractions in two sizes - larger and smaller, so bright will be disclosed taste.

Option fruit filling:

Thin strips of green apples make this salad a more "fruity". If you want to experiment, you can add the pears, cut into strips, and even grapes or oranges. The main requirement when choosing a filler - fruits should not be too sweet, and they should not be solo, they only have to give the spicy taste.

Options hearty filling:

If you are applying in this salad a la carte salad bowl, it would be appropriate to put on top and quail eggs, cut into quarters or halves. Of course, it is not necessary to add at this fruit.

Excellent sound is salad with cold chicken breast or smoked chicken, and more - very nice - smoked mackerel. Of course, fruit

Now filling:

The main feature in his gas station - do it in a separate jar of olive oil, lemon juice, cloves pressure garlic, salt to taste (it is better to take the sea, but come and plain), and soy sauce spoon (it should be quite a bit, only to shade). Oil and lemon juice take in the proportions that you like yourself. Because everyone has their own taste.

Bon Appetit!

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