How do I cook pumpkin soup, so that eating even a spoiled child


He praises - no one will praise you (do not argue, I know). And I long ago learned that the best compliment to the cook, not praise, but how quickly spoon consumer starts to knock on the bottom plate.

Thus it is necessary to manage to do so quickly eaten by the dish was not only delicious, but also, it is desirable to be useful - otherwise what's in it tsimes?

With the utility business it is difficult, especially if the family has children. They stubbornly believe vegetables - a product of the evil that emerged due to the evil magic of the adults, and the burgers and fries - the blessing of the good fairy.

And how to feed a nice couple - polrostka and baby, not yet reached the age of two, so that they may eat, not capricious, and everything they served, a very complex question.

Here, take, for example, a pumpkin. Very few children would agree voluntarily to eat a pumpkin. And pumpkin soup... There is no way my mom or dad or a spoon for not swallow. Except that with the new iPhone. Well, that's when they begin to show-off bending.

And there should be a pumpkin. Because it is - a kind of pantry sun, especially during the cold season.

I share the recipe pumpkin soup, which eat even children! All because he had a beautiful, balanced and "not empty" taste. The sweetness of the pumpkin in it successfully compensated for and obtained a gentle creamy dish full of goodies - just catch the vitamins on a plate.

So, we need:

• Pumpkin

• Red Lentils

• Pepper red sweet

• Bow

• Chicken bouillon

• Garlic 1 clove

• Coriander

• Paprika

• Salt and black pepper

Step One: Red bell peppers send it in the oven to bake. As it turns out much tastier. Yes, and the skin removed from it much easier.

Step Two: In a pan fry the onion and on a dry frying pan throw little seeds of coriander.

Step Three: In a saucepan add to the onions pumpkin, little fried lentils and fall asleep. Fill it with soup (can be water), spices and send a clove of garlic, give boil for 15-20 minutes. This time is great enough for red lentils.

Step Four: Add roasted peppers, peeled from the skin and break through the soup blender.

If someone this option will seem not so hearty, then toss in a pan and add the chicken to the soup after it. Well, as for decoration and taste can also pour into soup shelled pumpkin seeds.

Bon Appetit!

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