Onion Soup: Peasant food aristocrats


Oh, they knew all the glamorous Russian gourmets, what truly beggarly dish they never stopped singing odes... That, I fear, would be a kids durstvenno.

For starters - I tell the case, which was witnessed this summer in a cheap cafe. The couple glamor type - and do not get one of them a girl who is a boy, chose food.

- Maybe take a hodgepodge? - Either (a) one (one)

- Oh, just do not have this nischebrodstva. They also have gazpacho!

That hash that gazpacho, for a moment, just soups. Just cold light summer soups. I can understand if someone does not like hash, someone does not like gazpacho because of their taste. Not like some food because it does not it delicious - OK.

But here is the "Fu, nischebrodstvo"... very well characterizes the level of the bottom, which reach individuals.

With onion soup, by the way, a similar story.

"Royal onion soup" - so called it a meal in one of the provincial restaurants. Just below the title and the price (which is clearly off scale all reasonable limits) restaurateurs printed in large type the legend that this soup invented by King Louis (sorry, can not remember which), mixing and cook onion, cheese and champagne. That is, if briefly.

I will not say that enthusiastic about this soup. Not to say that do not like him. For me, it's just a soup, in which there is nothing outstanding.

But hell, I saw how much those that do not like the soup, but they were eating (literally choking) because he - of France, because it is - a delicacy... I do not know if they had known the legend of King, or enough of what soup French…

In actual fact at the origin of onion soup the most that neither is a proletarian. Well, or a workers' and peasants. Rather, a simple peasant. Or maybe legionary?

Onion soup fed legionaries in ancient Rome, because it is cheap, cheerful and useful for many centuries later, they were interrupted by the peasants, again, because it is cheap - and satisfying. In Paris it was prepared everywhere, but loved - in the area of ​​"Le al» (Les Halles), the famous "Belly of Paris".

Then the soup has become a delicacy. It happens. And now, it is chosen for the glamor.

But if you have mastered the text and want to try the onion soup, not because it is fashionable, but because it is interesting (and even many delicious), here's the recipe:

Eight grams of onion cut into cubes and sauté over low heat for thirty minutes in butter. Oils can take fifty grams. When the onions become soft brown, add a tablespoon of flour and continue to saute for another five minutes.

Now about a liter of liquid (700 ml) was poured onto a pan and give boil. Why I am writing fluid? Because it can use water, you can - broth. And then it is allowed. Broth, of course, is much tastier.

The second half (even 700-800 ml) is poured into the pan, to send the contents of the pan and simmer for minutes thirty, at the end of sunflower, sweetened and pepper and - if you're so rich - adding milliliters of dry white wine two hundred. No wine - not add. If added - boil for another twenty minutes.

During the cooking time a little bit rubbed hard cheese and dried in the oven, on the grill, in a toaster - anywhere - slices of white bread.

The final touch - the soup is poured in portions of a pot, put on top of the slices of dried bread, sprinkle with cheese and send bake for 5-10 minutes.

Bon Appetit!

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