How to cook a very tasty sauerkraut


November came too... well, almost arrived, and is approaching it's time to make sour cabbage. Well, someone has it already occurred. How many can remember, we started to cook it at home, when installed quite cold days. Here I do not know why, may be, in order not to superoxide?

Cabbage kept on the balcony, and in the most cold it had to... prick. Thawing in the warmth of the housing, it still remained crispy, fragrant and delicious... My brother and I sometimes could not wait for the moment when the cabbage is completely thawed. Crunched not only her, but also pieces of ice.

Now you can buy even cabbage in stores. But - it's not that! I tried a lot of species and varieties of cabbage yes (sauerkraut) in the market. And, I admit, and have not found a suitable - enough to sour, sharp little enough not perekvashennaya (like vinegar in it, poor, poured) to even the sauerkraut she remained light, almost white, with a slight tinge of carrot and carrot to the extent it was ...

I'm probably too many requirements listed? Although there is one more thing: to brine missing! And there was no excess.

This is only the house, yes. Because today - a bit of sauerkraut. Somebody knows all the tricks, and someone they can help.

So, the first point - cabbages should be chosen as carefully as watermelons. Dense, white, thick and crisp leaves. No loose and "fluffy", whose soft thin leaves more than thick crisp. Cabbage with a lot of thin and green (not light) leaves - they are stuffed. Or medley of cabbage soup (I do not like it).

The second point: you can not take too sweet carrots.

The third point - Head of the bucket, if it is not possible to make a tub. Simple enamel bucket. Because cabbage, pickled in banks - that, you can nicely to Instagrama, especially if the banks figured, but with a beautiful cover, but in life - a perversion. It is in them and kvass quite differently, and indeed - strange.

Paragraph Four: The proportion of cabbage, carrots and salt and sugar should be observed. As for me - perfect when a kilogram of cabbage - 100 grams of carrots, if it is sweet, and 150 grams - if it is not sweet.

At the same kilogram of cabbage - spoon tablespoon salt (with a slide, but not with Everest) and half a teaspoon of sugar. If the carrot is very sweet, the sugar can take less or not take at all.

Paragraph Five: crush! Cabbage need to knead the dough, so that it is still on the table gave the juice.

Sixth paragraph (almost a secret) mustard. To bad all sorts of different bacteria and other microorganisms are not built into your cabbage civilization, turning it into something like a rag need dry mustard.

At the bottom of the bucket pour mustard powder, and then close it cabbage leaves. And start ram cabbage, layer by layer. Top, before the cover kruglyasha and deliver the goods, put the soaked mustard nonwoven sheet material (generally many use gauze, but there is a personal perception is material, as for me - nonwoven better).

Well, the seventh point - until the cabbage brew every day all her weight should be pierced several times - to the bottom.

Bon Appetit!

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