Aerobatics: from both Round of cheap rice to cook a delicious side dish


That's what surprises me in Asia - they have delicious rice. Of course, a lot (a lot) depends on the variety and growing conditions. Well, from the cultivation of culture. Still, Asians raise its not the first hundred years, because their experience has been gained (and varieties selected) very good.


With the culture of rice cultivation in our country, in Russia, all the more difficult. Not so long from her story, and the selection was carried out taking into account the varieties of endurance, not their taste.

Whatever praise Krasnodar and our other grades, but... It's not that. I claimed it will argue. I know that many very patriotic for me to try to eat it, but what to do.

Most of the rice, which is grown in our country, is suitable only for cooking dairy porridges, puddings and rice gruel. A cook from domestic Round rice side dish - it's aerobatics.

But... we dare?

The first thing to do - very carefully, and at the same time, carefully wash the rice. Heard (or read) that the Japanese wash rice in seven waters.

So, in seven waters for starchy Round rice - a little. You have to wash until the water runs clear.

Then many of his soaked for an hour. The starch in the rice remaining, swollen and filled all the cracks.

At this time it will not do better after washing rice dumped on the towel and dry ...

And then take the pan or a saucepan with a thick bottom and put it on the stove. Pour a few tablespoons of vegetable oil and when it warmed up, went back to brown washed our round grain rice. Fry until golden brown, as some recommend, is not necessary. Fry in this case it is necessary until a pleasant smell prizharennogo rice and translucent rice grains themselves.

Fried? Carefully pour the water is based on two portions of rice three parts water. That is, two cups of rice - three cups of water. We wait like boils, cover with a lid and cook for seven to eight minutes. Ten - already a lot of

Cooked? Without opening the cover, remove from heat, Kuta pan in an old towel and leave it to languish for ten minutes.

Garnish ready, bon appetit!

PS. I know, I now have to ask - where the salt? So, the salt will have on the plate. Well, or served with dishes that sharpness and salinity can be corrected bland rice. If you add salt during cooking rice this time, it will become sticky.

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