Oh oh-oh-oh-ry delicious lazy cabbage rolls


Who about what, and I was again on the cabbage. Because fall, and because the time to cook it. Cabbage from the garden (Freshly) is quite different than the cabbage broken lives and shook the communal shelters vegetable stores.

I love the stuffed cabbage. I love cabbage rolls are different, but desirable - that they were not rude to the cabbage turned into a rag like it often happens that the dish had a distinct taste, and... still, of course, to mess with him half a day I do not I had

Because I vote for lazy cabbage rolls.

In this my basic recipe for standing should pay attention - quality products. Choose a good meat.

If you want more gently stuffed, should take the chicken breast and ground beef mix with the cabbage and add rice. But any variations welcome. Everyone can dream, so that he was delicious.

To take my version:

• Chicken breasts

• Cabbage

• Bow

• Egg

• tomato paste

• Sour cream

• Pepper, salt

• Greens

Chicken breast mince, add to the same egg and a bit of cabbage. That is what will make the stuffed cabbage is very tender and palatable. By the way, as an option, you can add the zucchini.

In the beef add the egg, forming his hands stuffed and put aside.

Now fill the queue. Sour cream, mix with tomato paste

With regards to the cabbage. The leaves can be lightly boil and they will be better laid on the bottom of the pot or cauldron. I have no such problem was, and I could easily put them already. Well, until they reach the mind in the process of cooking

Puts all the layers, pour a mixture of sour cream and a paste, add a little water and put it on the stove.

Bring to boiling, subject prepared on medium heat.

Well, then serve! Bon Appetit!

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