10 facts about milk that you need to know


And let's now talk about the milk? They say it is harmful to man, and in general - as reported by the daughter of a good friend, a student of one of the medical institutions, and the use of children adult cows or any other than human milk anyway... hmm, whether humanitarian, or environmental, or even a catastrophe.

My father drinks a liter in the evening before going to bed and still feel great. She has (at this same friend's) mother comes almost exactly - though not osilivaet liter. A younger generations in this family, the pair pogodok, generally instead of the mixture all made use of cow's infancy rustic milk, because from all the tested compounds have wildly sick stomach, and from cow's milk - not.

In no case do not call to do the same (and even pediatricians have burned as a heretic), and in general it is necessary to remember that there are people with lactose intolerance, such as ...

However, why insult useful and tasty product?

And the fact that the product is useful - it is now and we'll discuss.

✔1. Cow's milk contains calcium - a trace element that plays an important role in ensuring the health of bones, teeth and nails.

✔ 2. In one portion of milk (it is assumed that 225 grams) - 8 grams of protein. The almond milk in the same amount of protein only 1 gram, namely, almond milk is now referred superfudom (useful, that is).

✔ 3. Glass milk covers the daily need for:

· Calcium - 30%

· Riboflavin - 25%

· Phosphorus - 25%

· Vitamin D - 25%

· Vitamin B - 22%

· Kalia - 11%

· Vitamin A - 10%

· Niacin - 10%

✔ 4. Milk is involved in the synthesis of important immune cells, it activates the body's defense.

✔ 5. A distinctive feature of carbohydrate milk - slow absorption and hence a slow rise in blood sugar, which is good for diabetes and obesity.

✔ 6. Milk helps in cases of poisoning. It acts as a natural antibiotic, because it contains a special ingredient - lakteniny.

✔ 7. Milk activates the release of melatonin in the blood - the main hormone of sleep and youth.

✔ 8. Milk contains three important minerals - calcium, potassium and magnesium. They regulate the balance of fluids and minerals in the body to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

✔ 9. Unbelievable but true: it seems that milk makes people smarter. In countries that are leading in the number of milk consumed in the world, more Nobel laureates.

✔ 10. The balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and healthy mineral substances in milk make it better able to recover the product after heavy exercise and sports training.

It's tempting to write - drink. Children's milk, will be healthy. The question remains: what to buy milk, that it was milk, not tinted thicker than water ...

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