A masterpiece of French cuisine from the bones and trimmings


And you can cook yourself! O-la-la!

Traditionally, the French cuisine is so refined that even to talk and write about it should be, leaving mannered little fingers. Croissants, escargot, foie gras, béchamel, Dauphiné, souffle, velyute, demiglyas ...

Even in French cuisine a lot of sauces. And these sauces is also considered fine by most do not play. Incidentally, I have already mentioned them, but not all - bechamel velyute, demiglyas.

Recipe Béchamel somehow already given - it is probably the only sauce that really should be used for baking. Velyute will somehow another time, and today - demiglyas, the same sauce from bones and scraps, which will turn any dish into a real delicacy.

Most often write that demiglyas - sauce for cooking which is not always taken even bosses. Score. Nothing in it is complex, such that it can scare not.

In fact, all the rub is that very long to cook soup - sauce bases. But everything else - have so little things. But believe me, the time spent on the basics of cooking is worth, the more that the original can be cooked broth more and then - to freeze.


  • Bone with some meat, trim and everything else. The main thing that there were sinews and all that it contains collagen. For this use demiglyasa veal or beef bones and trimming.
  • bone ratio of meat to water - one in three. That is, per kilogram of seed with scraps - three liters of water. Add water during cooking can not be!
  • Vegetables: onion, carrot, celery stalks - about 150-200 grams
  • Red wine. approximately half a bottle
  • Seasonings: a little salt, stems and roots of parsley


  • Bake in the oven for bones and meat to brown
  • Just bake in the oven vegetables - to the state of "almost like grilled"
  • It all adds up in a pan, fill with water and begin to cook. But remember - after boiling, you will need to reduce the heat so that the soup does not boil, otherwise it will become cloudy. Cook will have a long time - so reduced and forget at least for a few hours.
  • When the liquid is evaporated widow about the strain the broth through a sieve. Heat the other thick-walled pan or a saucepan, and in it, heated, pour in the wine. Wine hiss, will evaporate, so at this point pour in broth and... well, evaporated again and again without boiling. By the way, it is necessary to add salt to the broth boiling point, only a little
  • When the volume of broth with wine will be approximately half demiglyas ready! It can be served as a separate sauce, but you can - to use as a basis for the preparation of other - it all depends entirely on your imagination.

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