"Sparrows": a wonderful (and cheap) dessert of Soviet childhood


And you have a home baked "sparrows"?


Recently I was surprised to learn that no one understands what it all about, when I think it's a cookie. But it was wonderful delicious!

And it is almost prepared without sugar (which is amazing).

The dough is wrapped marmalade. All this and bake.. In general, neither me nor his brother was on the plate with these pechenyushkami not tear. Until now, perhaps, it is one of the most "sweet" memories and tasty, although I have long grown up and sweet somehow, not so much out of love, but... I am able to imagine it to refuse.

Then pogulil, it turns out, in most cases, our sparrows called bagels. However, this is not the bagels in the full sense of the word! Dough from bagels - the right bagels - a gentle, more air, they yeast.

And the sparrows - just cookies.

For it will need:

  1. 200 grams of butter
  2. 450-500 grams of flour
  3. 200 grams of sour cream
  4. Marmalade more (for filling)

How to cook:

Oil mixed with sour cream, slowly pour the flour, knead a soft elastic dough. Leave 30 minutes to "rested".

After the rest divided into several parts, these parts dash their laps. Each circle with a sharp knife cut into triangles - like pizza. The idea should have sixteen triangles of one large (more than twenty centimeters in diameter) circle. Well, because - as it will, and come out.

The thickness range should be about five millimeters. Less can be more - no.

Then spread on the slices of fruit candy dough. Everything is simple - to put an end to a thick slice or brusochek marmalade and begin to roll.

In the end, you can sprinkle with sugar, but you can not sprinkle.

Spread on a baking sheet, baked at 180 ° C min. 15-20 until golden brown.

One caveat: if now thinking oven, do not try to use modern gummi candy, even if they look like marmalade. That these candies are placed - one chemical engineer knows. Marmalade need a natural, not a substitute for, better to look for the formation (it is yet another good common).

Bon Appetit!

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