How to cook rice for a side dish that he left no worse than the Japanese


The Japanese - the acknowledged masters of cooking rice. Of course, in order to cook the rice so that it remains crisp and has become a wonderful side dishes, you need to, first of all, to have a good figure. And yes, I have argued and continue to argue - Krasnodar for such culinary experiments are not suitable.

In addition to a good figure to grow, you have to collect a good, properly treated, according to the standards to store and pack up. Well, from the place of growth as a very independent. The fermentation can be devzira and near Krasnodar to do... but just not devzira it turns out, not devzira.

Japonica, grown with us - it is the similarity of Japanese rice, sorry, patriots. Equal as well as basmati, and other species. Here buckwheat yes - our best. Well, indeed, cook and serve, we will what is available in stores.

So enough thought, move on to the practice.

The first thing to do - is to wash rice. Science. Asians were washed with Fig least seven races without cold and hot and cool water. Colander is not used, if the hands rice and ground, then very carefully, trying not to damage the grain.

Typed water - washed and decanted. Typed water, washed, decanted.

Fuss over, much good - too.

Next you need to soak rice. A minimum of half an hour. Devzira - and at two possible. When the rice soak, listen as he... crackling.

Water, wherein the soaked rice, merge, sending it into a pan, preferably with a thick walled hot fill (important!) Water at the rate of 1.9-2 water in a glass beaker rice.

On the big heat we bring it all to a boil, then - reduce the fire to the maximum, so that the rice was cooked, but not seething, cover heavy saucepan lid (again this is important), and... forget about it 10-15-20 minutes (depending on the variety, which you cook and the number of the most groats).

Another trick that is necessary to manage to observe - not to touch the rice during cooking. That is not to touch it and all!

Once the allotted time is up, turn on the heat and give the rice a little more permanent.

The result is a crisp, lush garnish.

Another trick aziastkaya rice boiled bland. Do not add salt. But for flavor, you can add a piece of a piece of pre-soaked for half an hour kelp seaweed. Or here's another life hacking, caught in Instagrame one who now lives in Japan ladies: it is necessary during cooking to add a drop of most vegetable oil odorless.

Bon Appetit!

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