Yum: the right sauce for homemade pizza and two toppings that make it a truly Italian


Pizza can not be store-bought ketchup smear. Any Italian (if it is not yet fully globalized and forgot that the Italian cuisine - the most cool kitchen with all dishes, and the French simply smug) had a stroke, if it will make a sacrilege.

Italian tomato sauces - they are accustomed to today ketchup do not have any relation. Yes, officially it considered that say - "ketchup", we mean "tomato sauce", but... There is always a "but" that spoils the whole picture.

On the shelves a lot of kinds of cans, bottles and packages for every taste, that's just a taste (and sometimes consistency) does not fit in the designated dish.

So if you want real Italian pizza - rolls up his sleeves and begin to cook. We begin with the sauce.

Basic Tomato Sauce

... that you can use (with discount the fact that each knows how to cook Italian is actually a recipe with a twist), it is not so difficult.

Two tablespoons of olive oil passeruem one finely hacked onion and one clove of garlic. Add 400 grams of fresh, peeled, finely hacked tomato (or the same amount in canned brine), teaspoon dry mixture of basil, parsley and oregano, a teaspoon of sugar, salt and pepper taste. Simmer, stew, stew, and the result is a sauce that is delicious sauce... in general the sauce.

It then spread it on the cake, which will be a real pizza.

With fillings, too, all difficult. In fact filling on pizza can be any (I think originally for this dish and was created). But there are filling that little more correct than the other. That is to say, the native Italian.

For example, the Sicilian

On tomato sauce spread slices of sweet pepper, stewed in olive oil, slices of spicy sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese (usually - mozzarella).

Or Florentine

Here feature that tomatoes are placed directly on the sauce, and top is browned (important! - roasted, not stewed) sweet peppers of different colors. Next comes the fried spinach and cheese, mozzarella again.

Trick: before the end of baking pizza filled with beaten egg, and as such has brought to readiness.

Bon Appetit!

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