Recipe for borscht army, which for some reason have stolen CIA agents


This is genius. In the fifties of the last century, American intelligence had stolen the recipe of the army of borscht and kept it veiled in secrecy for years. I do not know why the recipe is so simple, it would seem, dishes, made such an impression on the Americans. That they decided to save the soup of the world, was pushed into the folder "top secret"

While, on the other hand... That will contact me, thanks to the business, with many foreigners. And you know, they are afraid of borscht, though. They do not understand it. Rather, they realize that the soup, but - still afraid. Hash too afraid, because the brew for many synonymous with "cola". And aspic afraid, though, in my opinion, there aspic in a variety of cuisines.

-So here it, in my opinion, not in fear, as in the culinary traditions. It seems delicious that we eat from infancy. As for me, the Norwegian hakarl rather his recipe, too, must keep secret.

I myself in Norway until it was not. But delicacy indulged friend - brought small. vacuum packaging with fermented (and in nashenski so rotten) caruncle sharks. They say that when the meat is dried after fermentation in the air, it does not guzzle even seagulls.

You know, I understand why Norwegian seagulls did not guzzle. Shelf hakarl can only hardened fighting berserknuty Viking. I do not understand why seagulls Norwegian still has not filed a petition to the Society for the Protection of Animal Rights. The cooking process hakarla negative impact on the environment! Guests fled in the first minute after we printed bag. He smells like smelling salts and decay time. This gas attack.

Well, the soup, that soup. I wrote down the recipe on the safe side. In my opinion, as the most that neither is normal.

For prigotvleniya dishes for 500 soldiers required

  • 50 kg of cabbage and sugar beet
  • 75 kg of potatoes
  • 7.5 kg of carrots
  • 5 kg of onion

The broth is cooked on the bone with the night. Brought stewed with vegetable oil, broth, tomato paste about half an hour. To preserve its color and sharpness giving a little vinegar added.

Half an hour later, to the braised beets add the onion and carrot, stewed for another ten minutes.

Further, in a pot with meat broth send shredded cabbage, boiled ten minutes, add the potatoes and cook for another ten minutes (which is all of ten or something?).

Then the broth with vegetables finally put stewed beet and density - fried in butter flour, straighten taste with salt and spices. Again boil for ten minutes.

Perhaps because of these secretive desyatiminutok -What? You may have noticed in them a secret meaning? The family will come, they will cook borscht - check.

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