Unknown, but very tasty cereal that will replace the boring side dish


Rice garnish - banal, and not love it all. It is sad that in a huge variety of cereals, many of the usual cooked rice, buckwheat, sometimes - wheat or barley grits (but very rare).

After all, if we approach this issue thoroughly, then a variety of flavors without difficulty is possible to provide consumers!

I, for instance, I love bulgur.

Bulgur is made from durum wheat. The grains are steamed with boiling water and dried in the sun, then hulled and crushed. Steaming with drying gives a special taste of the rump. Good is like a boiled bulgur - as a garnish and in salads or as one of the ingredients of dishes.

Cooked bulgur about twenty minutes before cooking it should be rinsed and soaked.

Besides bulgur advise to pay attention to the couscous. It - croup east, in Morocco, it seems to me, will not do, no lunch or dinner without her. And maybe even breakfast.

It made it somehow semolina that is produced from durum wheat. The technology did not penetrate, because I will not ship you the confusing details.

Cooking couscous is better for a couple, or even easier - Gulf of hot water and leave covered for a stand. And combined with meat and vegetables and, I suspect, even a fish (he has not yet tried a try).

Sounds good in casseroles. It is interesting to have - a very nice feeling from the most consistency in the language interesting.

If you podnapryazhetes, you can find amazing rump Fricke. wheat for her ears harvested when still green, and then - smoked. There are two kinds Fricke - solid and coarse crushing.

Croup when cooking smells that from suffering as soon as possible to eat it, you have to barricade the kitchen door - on smoked flavor will be very hard to break. Whole (? Piece) Fricke have forty minutes to cook, crushed - a little less.

Try not regret it and... enjoy your meal!

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