Tagliatelle with prawns and zucchini in a creamy tomato sauce


Summer good vegetables even better, and to eat still want to. Do not get me healthy life on some vegetables, but fruits. On the third day he begins to dream about meat. Or fish. Or shrimp. Even the pasta - and those dreams!

You can certainly find it intrigues of enemies (some only), but for the sake of historical justice, I say - just love to eat. Eat. Yes, and I can not operate exclusively on green fodder, even in the heat.

That is why - today tagliatelle program.

I like this kind of paste. I do not know why, I just like it. Perhaps even more than spaghetti. Tagliatelle - because of its shape and size - have a little different flavor. They are wide and flat, they feels better sauce.

By the way: a little Italian life hacking: the "long" pasta, the "thinner" should be its environment. That is, spaghetti and tagliatelle drown in liquid sauces, with small components, and Gemelli, for example, ziti or kavatappi - supplied only with dense fillers, those in which the pieces of meat, tiny meatballs ...

Anyway, down to business. take:

• Cream 33% 200 c

• Tomatoes in they own juice 50g

• Tiger prawns 16/20 b / g 12 pcs

• Zucchini 60 g

• Thyme 1 c

• Parsley 5g

• Cherry tomatoes 60 g

• Parmesan cheese 30 gr

• Garlic 4 g

• shallots 25 gr

• Egg Tagliatelle 200 gr

• Olive oil

• dry white wine with 50 ml

• Sunflower oil

• Salt pepper

First of all send the tagliatelle in the pan. Cook for science - to the state aldente. Once reached - we take out, sprinkled with vegetable oil. Oil can also add when cooking.

Next - shallots and garlic finely cut, chop the herbs and chop zucchini with cherry tomatoes. Three cheese on a grater.

Shrimp cleanse and cut lengthwise into two parts. Like this

Fry onion olive oil

Then add to it garlic (little fried!) And then throws shrimp.

Once they have browned, add the zucchini.

It turns white wine trail begins. Pour evaporated on high heat for thirty seconds.

Now add the cream, tomatoes in their own juice, herbs thyme and parsley. Salt, pepper and already over medium heat simmer for about 2 minutes. And at the end we heat our tagliatelle and sauce - voila, can be fed.

Oh, yeah, let's not forget to add a Cherry (after paste).

Bon Appetit!

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