Common salt: 10 unusual facts about it


Did you know that if prisolit grapefruit juice, it will become much less bitter? Salt - amazing substance, it not only has its own flavor, but still - or emphasizes "erases" the tastes of others. Because imagine cooking without salt - it is impossible.

Today - amazing facts about salt, which is always there.

  • 1. All the salt comprises 99 percent of sodium chloride. One percent of the difference accounted for impurities, and another 46 (joke) on marketing.
  • 2. Salt-free diet (hello advocates the idea that salt - poison) will lead to a deterioration of the digestive system, seizures, shortness of breath, heart problems and may even make kirdyk throughout the body.
  • 3. Salt diet - too dangerous. In ancient China, know the way of practicing suicide salt (dosage will not tell).
  • 4. The coolest in the world of salt - fleur de sel (salt flower). This salt sprinkled on food before the show, she never used in cooking. Why not ask, probably because of the price, it (salt) is produced way the ancient Celts.
  • 5. Sea salt contains many minerals because really useful for the organism.
  • 6. Himalayan pink salt mined in the region of Punjab in Pakistan from the field. It is very fashionable, has a nice pink color, contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron in small quantities. Its advertised as "more natural" or "therapeutic", but no evidence of this exists.
  • 7. There are Russian and pink salt. It is mined in the Crimea on the lake Sasyk Siwash.
  • 8. At least now considered fashionable black Himalayan salt - found under the names of either kalanamak birenoon. Because of the mineral greigite composed it in large chunks has a dark purple color, but when the ground - becomes pink. I can not understand the reasons for its popularity, to be honest. Because of the sulfur compounds in the same one percent impurities, the salt has a relatively strong odor of rotten eggs.
  • 9. Black salt is lava. It is produced in Hawaii and Cyprus. Black or lava - because it is produced in volcanic regions. Black salt is native Russian, the Thursday, still it can be done simply by mixing common salt with activated charcoal. Why - is unclear.
  • 10. Amabito No Moshio vies for the title of oldest with almost the oldest in the world with fleur de sel. Its water is evaporated from the Sea of ​​Japan by boiling in a large clay pot with a pre-dried algae. I strongly doubt that the ancient people (2.5 thousand years ago) engaged in garbage such as boiling in a clay pot with dried seaweed. But otherwise, no beautiful legends, to make one of the most expensive "salt" products in the world?

By the way, sea salt, which is sold in conventional supermarkets, can really change the taste of many dishes. There is not bitterness that goes well with vegetables and meat.

Bon Appetit!

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