Salsola-casserole, the smell of which drools


Wife pulled on solenenkoe... say, they say, let's, Oleg, do me a delicious fish, and that was a side dish, but to solenenkoe dish turned out... In short - there is want, but tastier.

Oleg Vasilevich, you know, grab as much heart. Whether joy, or horror.

But no, do not rush to congratulate. Strip one for maternal capital we run early and another set of Sobyanin, we have not shine... Just happens to such a state that nothing useful, zozhnogo and, frankly, quite flat taste - not I want to.

But the sharp, salty, spicy, just to drool ran down from the flavor - yes, please, more, and two servings at least!

For a while I thought, and then I decided - oh, was was not experimenting. And voiced Nastya, what kind of dish it receives. The wife shook her finger at his temple, said that there is nothing like this will not. Moreover, she asked her daughter to buy and something normal for her human - not to starve the family, if the provider has decided to hit the experiments.

But I'll tell you, my lady behaved like Pushkin Lyudmila - ie thought, and began to eat. Even daughter swept everything it should be - and that, you know, a lot of means (Polina we Capricious still the same).

So, what I took:

• Cod. Suitable budget option in the form of briquettes. We're with you is not the oligarchs, right ?!

• Cabbage

• Carrot

• Bow

• Pickles

• olives or olives

• Tomato paste

• Mozzarella cheese

Deliberately I do not write proportions, because a lot depends on the capacity in which you are ready and on your appetite for garnish-pillow. We love it when it is more. But then - to each his own

The process itself:

Cabbage stew with carrots, but not ready

Fried pickles, onion and tomato paste

The capacity for roasting put a layer of cabbage and carrots, then - a layer of cucumber in a paste and then diced cod, and again a layer of cabbage and cucumbers

Bake 30 min at 180 degrees, whereupon gat dish sprinkle olives and mozzarella and another five minutes ship in the oven for baking cheese.

ALL my friends! Easier to nowhere, and the dish turned out just great!

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