Homemade ice cream: raspberry and chocolate


The heat continues. Ministry of Emergency Situations sends warnings that it may become abnormal, and so in the next few days in Central Russia - continue to cook... ice cream.


Sundae - very tasty thing. But I loved as a child and even chocolate - fruit, seven cents, if it has been without the glaze. Here is the recipe of "that" popsicle not found so far (although there seems to be such a complex).

Modern "fruit ice" and even his little reminiscent of sorbets. But home - still delicious.

And because today - two ice cream recipe - raspberry and chocolate. Yummy!

Raspberry ice cream will do on the basis of proteins.

all just there:

250 grams raspberries and sugar (fine), 4 300 milliliters of protein and fatty cream.

Malin forced through a sieve (remove bone) and then cook the syrup: 250 grams of sugar per 150 grams of water. The syrup should be boil down to the state, if it drip into the cold water, you get a soft ball.

Held give him a little, but did not grab, this time in a solid foam proteins and whisk without stopping whisking, pour syrup. As a result, it should have something solid, brilliant and thorough beaten.

The next step, beat the cream, and mix it all with a protein mass and raspberry puree. Poured into molds, send it in the freezer. Plus protein ice cream is that it is not necessary to shake up during freezing. So that you can easily do without ice cream.

Raspberry puree, in principle, can be replaced by any other (we just like it was raspberry)

Chocolate ice cream, a piece of cake.

The only thing we need for pudding powder - confectionery sold in departments stores. Take the one that for vanilla. If not, then go for the cream thickener in sachets. Without it, the weight will be watery.

So: mix a tablespoon of powder a spoonful of pudding or a thickening agent for cream (take with a slide), a tablespoon of fine sugar - with a slide, three or four tablespoons of cocoa spoons, and shaken it in a few spoonfuls of milk (to obtain a liquid mixture).

Then 600 milliliters of milk boil, add to our vanilla and chocolate-sugar mixture, again bring to a boil and added to 150 milliliters of double cream jar and condensed milk.

Let cool, send it in the freezer. But with the freezing, if there is no ice cream maker, have to tinker - shake up a few times at the moment when the ice starts to set around the edges of the form.

Bon Appetit!

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