Sorrel soup, which is eaten even children


Son found out that lunch will extremely useful sorrel soup, angrily shouted:

- I have this filth will not !!!


After a couple of hours I was eating sorrel soup for both cheeks and even more additive asked, because it is delicious!

We somehow sorrel - the product is not popular. Many stubbornly think that he - tasteless. Why? Who knows. But some of my friends on the phrase "sorrel soup" many react as well as the child, neither of things! Not force.

And here at home, we even sorrel in store to stock up. We roll up to the banks - and in the closet. Because vitamin - again, delicious - two. Besides a bunch of sorrel winter worth? if grown its Tibetan virgin, chaste tears pouring unicorns.

Anyway, enough of the lyrics.

Let's cook. To begin with - the broth. Another life hacking: for a tasty broth do not take the chicken. Broilers that are in the stores, for cooking - they somehow... not really. Delicious broth obtained from village chicken or rooster. It will be fragrant and nourishing. But the flavor broiler "chicken" will not. " A turbidity and fat - as much as necessary.

Because of the broth is better to buy a plain chicken soup set. There ridges after butchering carcasses for parts. Believe me, this is enough.

We send in a saucepan ranges, throw back the onion, carrot and celery. Cook a little longer, to some of the liquid has boiled away.

When the broth is ready, it throws potatoes (diced)

Make a classic zazharku of onions and carrots, send them into the pan after ten minutes after potatoes.

We give boil for another ten minutes.

Now we take eggs thoroughly whisk whisk or spoon and pour a thin stream into the soup.

Once the eggs turn sorrel. We give simmer for another five minutes and take off, completing the procedure for correcting the taste of rituals: add salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Full template:

• Chicken bouillon

• Sorrel (steaming fresh bundles or preform)

• Bulb

• Carrot

• Potatoes 300g

• Eggs 3-4 pc

• Parsley dill

• Lemon

• Salt and pepper to taste

Bon Appetit!

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